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Twisted Metal ‘Broken’ Trailer


This trailer is EPIC metal!

Hands On With Twisted Metal PS3


The upcoming installment in the Twisted Metal series delivers, and makes the producers of high school driver’s ed films cry.

Twisted Metal Producers Talk about Live Action, Team Multiplayer and More


Twisted Metal producers Chad Cox and Zack Wood talk about the brand new Twisted Metal game that Sony’s been working on.

David Jaffe Just Sent Me Spiraling Into An Existential Crisis


I feel like I just feasted on thought food.

FileFront’s Best of E3 2010


Well, E3 is behind us all now. We’ve survived the flights, the crowds, and the Dead Space 2 demo. You’ve…

Hands On at E3 2010 With Twisted Metal

One of the biggest announcements to come out of this year’s E3 was Sony’s reveal that there was in fact…

Good Ole Davey Jaffe, Talkin’ S**t Like He Don’t Care

Yeah, the man bringing you the new Twisted Metal has been getting into the shiz, as it were, on Twitter…

Jaffe Doesn’t Like Lying, but You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do

Those of you reading this who aren’t nerds will know that college football coaches are in tough spots when they’re…

So is There a New Twisted Metal, or Not?

The rumors are flying back and forth, and no one knows what is or isn’t true. Is there a new…

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