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Microsoft Still Supports Games For Windows Live

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Despite rumors to the contrary, Microsoft continues to support its ailing Games for Windows Live service. Games For Windows Live…

Xbox One Launch Lineup Preview: Potential, Little Substance


After sampling the Xbox One’s launch lineup, there are a few standout titles to be excited about, but in typical launch fashion, this one is best enjoyed by super-fans and early adopters.

Microsoft Game Studios Snaps Up ‘Splosion Man Maker Twisted Pixel

splosion man 2

MS doesn’t want to mess with the indie studio, though. Hopefully that stays true.

Snag the Gunstringer Soundtrack for Free Right Now

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Hooray for free!

Capcom Responds to Twisted Pixel’s ‘Splosion Man Ripoff Tweets

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Capcom says it didn’t steal Twisted Pixel’s game, but it still hopes to “rebuild the trust of our fans.”

‘Splosion Man Creators Think Capcom Ripped Them Off

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Twisted Pixels had some harsh words for Capcom’s new MaXplosion iPhone game on Twitter, but denies they’re thinking about legal action.