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Unknown Worlds Starts Subnautica While Modders Add to NS2

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As developer Unknown Worlds starts working on its new underwater sandbox, it’s partnering with modders to create incentives for new Natural Selection 2 content.

Natural Selection 2 Review: Beautiful, Startling Complexity

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Natural Selection 2 promises a lot, and delivers on everything, bringing a marvelously deep multiplayer experience.

Natural Selection 2 Launches On Halloween

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And might leave a laming bag of poo on your porch.

Game Front 1-on-1: Natural Selection 2′s Hugh Jeremy

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Passion and excitement for a game brought one YouTube caster landed one fan a job with its developer.

Expect Natural Selection 2 to Hit Late August, Early September Release

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The release window just got a little smaller.

Natural Selection 2 Preview: You’ll Be Coming Out of the Walls, Man

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Former Half-Life mod takes its a unique FPS/RTS hybrid to the big stage.