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Hard Reset: Extended Edition Preview


Do you think they considered calling it “Harder Reset”?

The Most Popular Mods of All Time


Mods of the Gods!

Steam Gets an iPhone App — Now You Can Impulse Buy Games While Pooping

steam app thumb

You’ll need a beta invite to use it, though.

Dreamcast Version Of Half-Life Ported To PC


Let’s have a moment of silence to mourn our beloved Dreamcast. WE WILL REMEMBER THE TIME!

Valve Tosses Half-Life Jokes into Counter Strike: Global Offensive (PICS)

counter strike half life thumb

Valve likes to goof on us, and itself.

10,000-Strong Steam Group Wants Half-Life 3 Update from Valve

half life 2 thumb

When are people going to realize that Valve is not a democracy and therefore doesn’t care about your digital protest.

Half-Life 2 Mod, “Elevator: Source”, Has Perfectly Described Our Civilization


Exhibit 200 in the “why didn’t I think of this?” files.

Valve: No, Seriously, There is No Valve ARG for Half-Life 3


So let it go already.

Enjoy Your Christmas Tree The Portal Way, You Monster

portal christmas tree thumb

I would be worried about the presents being filled with deadly neurotoxin, if I were you.

Check Out This Custom-Made LEGO Gordon Freeman (PIC)

lego freeman thumb

He has a Combine rifle and it’s cool.

What If Wheatley From Portal Had Won That VGA?


Here’s the video we would have seen.

Pranksters Turn NYC Sculpture Into Weighted Companion Cube

portal companion cube prank thumb

This is awesome.

5 Games We’d Love to See Released in 2012, But Won’t Be

assassin's creed revelations troll thumb

Five games that aren’t real or possible, but would be great to see in 2012 anyway.

Ah, Hell — The Internet Starts Speculating About Some Valve Reveal in 2012

gabe newell thumb

God damn you, Gabe.

Check Out The Trailer for This Left 4 Dead Fan Film (VIDEO)

left 4 dead fanfilm thumb

It’s not likely to happen, but I hope this actually gets made.

Get Excited: The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Closed Beta is On (VIDEO)

counter strike global offensive thumb

Get a load of what CS: GO will be like, kind of.

Gabe Newell: Piracy Is A ‘Non Issue’



Game Front’s 2011 Holiday Gift Guide for Gamers


Make that special gamer in your life extra happy this holiday.

GOG to Pursue New Games As Well As Old Ones to Battle Steam, Origin

witcher 2 thumb

It’s not just good old games anymore, but it is DRM-free.

Steam Database Hacked, Credit Card Information Accessed


Investigation ongoing. Gabe Newell claims there is “no evidence of credit card misuse.”

Steam Forums Down After Hackers Reportedly Hijack Them

hackers 1 thumb

It seems Valve has pulled down its forums after some kind of incursion.

Signs Suggest Battlefield 3 May Show Up On Steam

battlefield 3 destruction thumb

Some slight new evidence suggests we might get Steam compatibility, but it sure isn’t definitive.

Half-Life 2 Goes Left 4 Dead with ‘No More Room In Hell’ Mod, Releasing on Halloween (TRAILER)

no more room in hell thumb

If you’re not aware, it has zombies in it.

Newell Says, If You Give People Good Service, They Won’t Pirate Your Game

gabe newell thumb


Valve is Working on a Portal 2 Level Editor (Hooray!) — Maybe with GLaDOS (HOORAY!)

portal 2 test chamber thumb

The game would berate you for sucking at making levels. It’s a possibility, anyway. Do Want.

Newell Thinks Apple Might Be Looking to Kill Consoles (and He’s Probably Right)

gabe newell thumb

Apple’s latest iOS update can put mobile games on your TV. Gabe thinks a standalone Apple gaming device is coming.

Apple Teams with Aperture Science to Bring you GLaDOSiri (VIDEO)

glados thumb

Somebody’s a genius. Also, the combustible lemons test was a failure.

PSA: 2 Sweet Portal 2 Deals For Portal 2 Fans


Free DLC and a deep discount on Steam. Seriously, y’all are getting hooked up.

Final Volume of Portal 2 Soundtrack, ‘Music to Test By,’ Now Available for Free

portal 2 avatar gear thumb

Sixty-four tracks of Science!

Free Portal 2 DLC Drops on Oct. 4 with Single-Player and Co-Op Challenge Mode

portal 2 test chamber thumb

The best part of Portal 1 finally makes its way to the sequel.

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