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Valve Greenlights 10 More Titles For Steam


Valve unveils latest batch of greenlit titles.

Valve Engineers Working on Next Gen Gaming Device Fired


Steam Box is probably fine.

Gabe Newell Discusses the Business of Valve (VIDEO)

gabe newell lecture thumb

Get a little insight into the inner workings of Valve in this lecture.

Mod Men: Half-Life 2 Mod NEOTOKYO

neotokyo thumb

It’s near-future multiplayer action.

Dumb Things Fanboys Say: ‘Companies Exist to Make Money’


That doesn’t mean we have to like the way they do it

MOBA Games 101: Beginner’s Guide to League of Legends, Dota 2 & More


Baffled by the steep learning curve of the MOBA genre? Maybe you should join us at the MOBA academy.

Check Out This Tech Demo from the Original Half-Life

half-life thumb

Nine minutes of cutting edge Half-Life graphics technology.

Gabe Newell Clarifies Steam Box, Not Coming in 2013


Xi3 isn’t the Steam Box.

CES 2013: Xi3 is Building PC Hardware for Valve


Is this the “Steam Box?”

Hello, Project Shield: Nvidia’s Tegra 4-Powered Handheld Console

Nvidia Shield Thumbnail

The Consumer Electronics Show hasn’t officially started yet, and there are already surprises to be had. Nvidia held its CES…

Steam Holiday Sale Extended Through Weekend

steam thumb

You second chance is coming this weekend!

Grab Dishonored, Darksiders 2 and More During Steam Holiday Sale

dishonored 2 thumb

Take advantage of holiday deals.

Next Batch of Steam Greenlight Games, Software Coming Jan. 15

steam greenlight thumb

More games are coming!

The War Z is Off Steam; Valve Says Release a ‘Mistake’

the war z thumb

Lots of people have complained the game’s sale page was fraudulent.

Biggest Gaming Disappointments of 2012


We haz a sad.

IGF 2013 Finalists Will Get Steam Distribution


It’s huge news to indie developers and gamers alike.

Valve Registers Domain Names for Two Movies

the international thumb

Following “The International,” seems like Valve has more movies about playing games planned.

Steam Big Picture Is Live


Plug your PC into your TV.

More Games Greenlit Through Steam, Total Up to 50

steam greenlight thumb

More games are coming!

This Portal 2 Chell Action Figure Might Save Christmas


You’ll be still alive if you buy this for someone you love.

Steam Guard Is Mandatory For Trades Starting Dec. 12


This is a good thing.

Valve Is Making Source Engine Two


But nope, no Half-Life 3!

Left 4 Dead 2 Free This Weekend


Wait, whuah?

Steam Greenlight Concepts Launched


It’s kind of weaksauce.

Possible Steam Browser Security Problem Found


Knowing is half the battle. Not getting your account stolen would be the other.

Valve Opening Hardware Beta Test To (Some) Fans



Simon Pegg Totally Down With Shaun Of The Dead L4D Mod


And you can help!

‘Enter the Freeman’ Half-Life Fan Film Looks Like the Real Deal

enter the freeman thumb

Spiffy creature effects in here.

Dishonored is Gold; Pre-Order For Team Fortress 2 Goodies

team fortress dishonored.jpg thumb

Enter a contest and also pre-order for new gear.

PSA: Valve Testing Steam Linux Next Week


Neat! Or awful!

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