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Possible Steam Browser Security Problem Found


Knowing is half the battle. Not getting your account stolen would be the other.

Valve Opening Hardware Beta Test To (Some) Fans



Simon Pegg Totally Down With Shaun Of The Dead L4D Mod


And you can help!

‘Enter the Freeman’ Half-Life Fan Film Looks Like the Real Deal

enter the freeman thumb

Spiffy creature effects in here.

Dishonored is Gold; Pre-Order For Team Fortress 2 Goodies

team fortress dishonored.jpg thumb

Enter a contest and also pre-order for new gear.

PSA: Valve Testing Steam Linux Next Week


Neat! Or awful!

Obviously False Rumor: Nexon Looking To Buy Valve



Valve EU Court Date Delayed To October


Go EU!

Portal 2 Soundtrack Collector’s Edition Comes with Mini-Comic

portal2soundtrack.jpg thumb

It includes both Portal and Portal 2 soundtracks.

We Could Have Had L4D2 DLC Based On Cabin In The Woods


Aw man!

Guns Of Icarus Online Gets Release Date


But we’re going to make you click to find out when.

Valve’s First Hardware Goes Beta In 2013



Rumor Time: Half-Life 3 is an Open-World Shooter for 2013

half life 3 thumb

Hmmmmm. Skepticisim engaged.

Team Fortress 2 Was Valve’s MMO Proxy

team fortress 2 mann vs machine thumb

Weird, and cool.

Looks Like Saints Row: The Third is Getting a Free Weekend

saints row 3 thumb

Get a friend.

Hackers Leak Rediscovered Half-Life 2 Source Code?


Digital tomb raiding.

Red Faction Series 75% Off On Steam ‘Til 4 PM PST


So hurry.

Skyrim Workshop Confirms 10,000th Mod



Gabe Newell: Valve Would “Disintegrate” Before Selling


So stop leering, EA.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Now Available for Digital Pre-Orders

xcom enemy unknown thumb

More pre-orders mean more rewards.

Looks Like The Steam Linux Beta Is Almost Here



Mod Men: Half-Life 2 Mod No More Room in Hell

no more room in hell thumb

Slow, shambling, hard-to-kill zombies invade the latest Mod Men.

Steam Greenlight Adds Fee to Weed Out the Rabble

steam greenlight thumb

If you want your game on the service, it’ll cost you $100 (which goes directly to charity).

Shocker: Sex Games Verboten On Steam Greenlight


Valve considers it a no no.

To The Moon Blasting Onto Steam This Week

to the moon 3 thumb

With free codes for anyone who already purchased it.

Valve Hiring More People to Work on Hardware

steam thumb

Hey look, it’s Valve doing that thing it was doing five months ago.

Mod Men: Half-Life 2 Mod ‘Grey’ Spooks Mitch

mod men grey thumb

Many freak-outs ensue.

Steam Greenlight Has 30 Games Waiting for Your Feedback

steam greenlight thumb

Voting on which games are available on Steam is now a thing.

F2P Shooter Arctic Combat Borrows Counter-Strike’s Dust 2 Map

arctic combat sand storm thumb

It’s a pretty faithful recreation.

Valve: Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Will Eventually Converge


Just a matter of lens opacity.

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