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Valve Details Team Fortress 2 Co-Op Mode Upgrades

team fortress 2 mann vs machine thumb

Info on how you’ll amp yourself up to take on automatons.

Valve Denies It’ll Show Half-Life 3 at Gamescom, Despite Errant PDF

half life 2 mission improbable thumb

Nope, not getting announced in Germany.

Team Fortress 2 Goes Cooperative with Mann vs. Machine Update

team fortress 2 mann vs machine thumb

Once again, rumors = true.

RUMOR: Team Fortress 2 Will Add Robotic Faction



Steam Community Update to Feature Player Screens, Videos

steam thumb

More cool new features from Steam.

Funcom’s MMO The Secret World Now Available on Steam

the secret world thumb

Now with your Steam friends.

DICE Devs Create Half-Life 2 Mod Mission: Improbable

half life 2 mission improbable thumb

Download this, because it looks great.

Early Footage From Black Mesa: Source Leaked



Steam Adding Non-Game Software to Its Catalog in September

steam thumb

Software will make use of Steam features like cloud saving.

You Can Pre-Order Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on Steam

counter strike beta thumb

Grab it for a 10 percent discount.

Slender: Source Gets Closed Beta in December, Release in March

slender source 2 thumb

Some of us are getting the crap scared out of us this holiday season.

Left 4 Dead 2 Cold Stream DLC Hits Xbox 360 Aug. 3rd

left4dead2 cold stream thumb

Yay! Uhh… I mean grr, it’s about time!

Gabe Newell is Excited about a new Virtual Reality Headset

oculus rift

Cliffy B and John Carmak are psyched too, I just let Gabe have the spotlight so he’ll be in a Half-Life 3 making mood.

GNU OS Creator: Linux On Steam ‘Unethical’ Due To DRM


He might be right.

Half Life 2 Art Director: Valve “Stopped Making Epic AAAs”



DayZ Hits 900k Players and Proves the Power of Modding

dayz-gallery-photo_p3 thumb

Maybe more developers should think about letting players mod their games.

Arkham Asylum Steam Keys Broken by DRM

arkham asylum bane thumb

DRM: The ultimate villain.

Blizzard is Also Not Thrilled About Windows 8

mists of pandaria 1 thumb

Apparently it’s not good for game developers.

Slender: Source Dev Responds to ‘Rip-Off’ Accusations

slender 3 thumb

It’s been, what, a day? Really, Internet?

Slender: Source Mod Pits You, Friends Against Slenderman

slender source thumb

Not to be confused with Parsec Productions’ Slender.

What the Game Front Staff Bought on Steam Sale


Haha, we’re broke now.

Gabe Newell: “Windows 8 Is A Catastrophe” For PC Games



PSA: New Left 4 Dead 2 DLC ‘Cold Stream’ is Available

left4dead2 cold stream thumb

Valve’s team-based zombie shooter adds a community created campaign.

Valve Launches Steam Linux Blog


Which means a Linux steam could be coming.

Steam Android App Hints At More Than Games

steam android thumb

You may soon use software you got from Steam to pay your taxes.

Valve Introduces ‘Steam Badges’ For Doing Non-Game Stuff


It’s actually a bit cooler than it sounds, I promise.

Valve Nonchalantly Sticks The Knife Into EA By Being Nice

jason holtman_1thumb

OK, it’s officially time to grab popcorn.

Clint Hocking (Maybe) Joins Valve



PSA: The Steam Summer Sale Is Happening Now



Valve: Steam Greenlight Inspired by TF2


Turns out DLC hats can lead to great things.

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