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Portal 2 Perpetual Testing Initiative A Success


And you’re getting discounts to celebrate.

DOTA 2 Already Being Played More Than Skyrim


And it’s still in beta!

GameStop To Begin Selling Steam Vouchers


And so ends their attempt to break into the Intertubes.

Cave Johnson Buys Black Mesa in Portal 2 DLC Easter Egg

portal 2 test chamber thumb

As always, Mr. Johnson is hilarious.

Portal 2 “Perpetual Testing Initiative” Starts Today


Long may it continue!

Apparently, We Can Thank Doom For Valve’s Existence


Which is kind of awesome.

Valve Announces Free Portal 2 Level Creator DLC for PC, Mac

portal 2 test chamber thumb

No co-op support, though.

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare On PC Confirmed Via Steam Registry


It’s happening for real.

DOTA 2 To Foster World Peace Community Rewards For Mentoring


Well, maybe not WORLD peace.

4 Half-Life Mods That Should Become Full Games


Will any of these become the next Age of Chivalry? We sure hope so!

Valve’s New Hardware Plans: Deus Ex Vision?


But don’t get too excited.

Valve Hiring Hardware Engineers. So, Y’Know, Freak Out People.


Naturally, they’re still not confirming what they need them for.

Game Front Parties It Up At Nvidia’s GTX Meetup


Free booze. New video cards. Is this heaven?

And Now, Some New Details About The Upcoming Left 4 Dead DLC


Click to learn more about the swordy goodness.

GDC 2012: How Portal 2 Was Made


With magic! Just kidding.

Valve Has No Plans for A Game Console Any Time Soon


But who knows what the future has in store.

Gabe Newell Is A Billionaire


This won’t come as a shock to the millions of people forking over cash every day to download games on…

More Info and A Pic of Valve’s Rumored Console


Say it isn’t so.

Report: Valve Working On A Steam Console


Quelle Surprise!

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta with James and Mitch (VIDEO)

counter strike beta thumb 220

James and Mitch play CS:GO and you can watch, which is only slightly less good than actually playing.

Get Spooked With New Half-Life Mod “Cry of Fear”


Are you afraid of the dark?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Giving More Beta Keys Away in a Survey


Write words, shoot terrorists. Easy deal.

Valve Says Dota 2 Will Pack LAN, Mod Support

dota 2 thumb

No word on pricing or a launch window yet, though.

Newell: November Security Breach Included Encrypted Credit Card Info, Billing Addresses

gabe portal thumb

Check your billing statement if you bought Steam stuff between 2004 and 2008.

Blizzard Files Opposition to Valve Copyright of DOTA 2

dota 2 thumb

Blizzard says people associate DOTA with Blizzard games, which is why Valve shouldn’t get to use the name DOTA 2.

13,000 Valve Fans Packed Half-Life 2 On Steam


They didn’t meet their goal, but it was a great first try

Valve is Working on Some Non-Hat Team Fortress 2 Thing for 2012

team fortress 2 medic thumb

It’s not a hat or a map, which could mean it’s something bigger.

Fan-Made Team Fortress 2 Crafting Game Gets In Your Brain

team fortress 2 crafting thumb

You’ll probably get addicted to this.

Watch The Valve Show Episode 1 – Left 4 Dead – Deathcraft Mod

Screen shot 2012-02-02 at 7.29.02 PM

GameFront’s latest video show is out now. Watch before everyone else is cooler than you.

Half-Life 2 Fans Plan to Pack the Game On Feb. 4

half life 2 thumb

Playing Half-Life 2 because it’s awesome.

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