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Dishonored ‘Tales from Dunwall’ Episode 2 is Here (VIDEO)

dishonored 2 thumb

The stories from Dishonored’s city are pretty much all sad.

The New Ps3 Is Out, Watch The Unboxing

playstation 3 super slim thumb

Well everyone, the new Ps3 is finally out. And to celebrate, why not have a look at the official unboxing…

James vs. Games 5: James vs. Vanquish (and Chest Hair)

james vs games 5 thumb

Can James defeat Vanquish and keep his chest hair?

Slender Man Game Faceless Gets a Creepy Trailer

slender source 3 thumb

Something’s lurking.

Sleeping Dogs DLC Infiltrating Consoles, PC In October

sleeping dogs 2 thumb

We’re excited.

The Guns Of Icarus Online Launch Trailer Is Blimped Out


Blimpin’ ain’t easy y’all.

There Are Other Bad Dudes to Fight in Far Cry 3 (TRAILER)

far cry 3 thumb

Vaas might be the big bad of the main campaign of Far Cry 3, but as the video below reveals,…

People Say Nice Things About Crysis 3 In This Trailer

crysis 3 thumb

Lookin’ spiffy.

War of the Roses Devs Research Actual Castles (VIDEO)

war of the roses thumb

Authenticity, whoo!

Carrier Command ‘Fundamentals of Warfare’ Trailer Is Grim


war isn’t just hell, it’s hell on your vehicles too.

Assassin’s Creed 3 Aims for Lots of Historical Accuracy (VIDEO)

assassin's creed 3 1 thumb

Looks like it’s achieving it, too. But with stabbing.

Dead Island: Riptide Trailer Again Portrays a Tragic Zombie Story

dead island riptide thumb

Fool me once….

Black Ops 2 Zombie Mode Revealed Next Week (TRAILER)

blops 2 zombies bus thumb

Could it be a campaign? With a bus?!

James vs. Games 4: James vs. Devil May Cry 3

james vs games 4 thumb

Can James avoid oatmeal laced with Flaming Hot Cheetos?

Watch James Play Torchlight 2 — Live! Right Now!

torchlight 2 james thumb

It’s gonna be fun.

Borderlands 2′s Launch Trailer Includes Much Death

borderlands 2 4 thumb

As one might expect.

Whoah. Behold Baldur’s Gate 2 Redux’s Cutscene Animation


Yeah, it’s amazeballs.

The Warfighter Basilan Single Player Trailer Is Rainy


The Philippines never looked so sweltering and muggy.

Obsidian Unveils ‘Project Eternity’ On Kickstarter


Would you fund another fantasy RPG? I might!

And Now, Carrier Command: Gaea Mission Game Play


It’s ocean combatastic!

Check Out Qbeh, A Free Minecraft-Inspired Puzzler


It’s kind of awesome.

Wasteland 2 – Tech Demo Appears Online


Sort of a repeat but we’re very in love with this game’s existence.

Watch Assassin’s Creed 3 Behind the Scenes: Episode 3


It’s historiffic!

Check Out Akaneiro: Demon Hunters – Gameplay Trailer #1


Watch people kill demons.

Check Out Warfighter’s SEAL Team 6 Combat Training Episode 3


EA has released another Medal of Honor: Warfighter video in their series of SEAL Team 6 combat training videos. This…

James vs. Games 3: James vs. Super Meat Boy


Failure carries a high price this time around.

Dishonored Dev Diary Talks About Creating an Immersive World

dishonored imersion thumb

Arkane Studios’ second developer diary is all about art.

Guess Who’s Coming to SMITE: It’s Thor

smite thor thumb

Not the Marvel-owned Thor, though.

Planetary Annihilation Kickstarter Adds Galactic Warfare Stretch Goal

planetary annihilation thumb

Multiplayer could be an option for this space RTS.

Machinima Has Resurrected Sifl & Olly, And It’s About Gaming


And every hipster nerd of a certain age rejoiced.

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