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Mitchell’s Top 5 Unconventional Game Love Stories (VIDEO)

companion cube big thumb

For your Valentine’s Day viewing pleasure, some weird video game relationships.

Titanfall Beta First Look: James Draws First Blood (VIDEO)

titanfall thumb

James brings his Call of Duty skills to the Titanfall beta.

James vs. Games 50: James Takes on Mega Man 2

james vs games 50 thumb

Can James defeat Metal Man, or will he find himself going the way of Needle Boy?

Minecraft Show 305: James Falls Off the World

minecraft show 305 thumb

James and his pal Morgan join a special guest as they head out for adventure!

Game Front’s Top 5 Video Game Holy S–t Moments of 2013

outlast 5 thumb

Game Front’s Mitchell Saltzman picks his five favorite cuss-worthy moments of 2013.

Madden NFL 25 – PS3 vs PS4 Comparison (Video)

madden 25 thumb

Playstation 4. You’ve heard of it. You’re probably even aware it’s out and contains hot new features like nextgennextgennextgen. But…

Behold! Assassin’s Creed 4: PS3 vs PS4 Comparison

assassin's creed 4 4 thumb

Because piracy is no next gen!

Uncharted 4 Announced For PS4


Are you putting off the purchase of a next generation console for now? That might be a wise choice, since…

Getting Lost in Kraven Manor in Phil and Phil vs. Horror (VID)

phil and phil vs horror 2 thumb

Phil and Phil venture into Kraven Manor and awaken what’s waiting there. (Hint: mannequins.)

We Freak Out at SCP Containment Breach on Phil and Phil vs. Horror

phil and phil vs horror main thumb

Watch Phil and Phil play a horror game in the dark.

James vs. Games Returns On Oct. 29! (VIDEO)

james vs games teaser thumb

More failure (and sometimes not failure) is on its way next week!

Beyond: Two Souls – The Entire Game in Chronological Order (VIDEO)

beyond two souls guitar thumb

Our Mitchell Saltzman took a ton of time and refashioned Beyond: Two Souls in chronological order for your benefit.

Outlast Walkthrough Part 1: Watch How Fear Incapacitates Mitch


Game Front’s own Mitchell Saltzman doesn’t much care for horror games. Mainly because he doesn’t like being scared sh*tless. That’s…

James Plays Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs (VIDEO)

amnesia a machine for pigs thumb

Join James as he previews the first 30 minutes of Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs.

Game Front Gauntlet: Divekick


Watch as Mitch and James throw down in Divekick.

Gamescom 2013: Sony Press Conference Streaming Live


Much like E3, Gamescom officially kicks off after it actually kicks off, as the major publishers pile on with press…

Game Front Gauntlet – Worms: Clan Wars Edition


Who likes worms? Who likes to see worms fighting? If you fall into these categories, you’ll want to set aside…

Watch The GTA Online Reveal Video Right Here


After weeks (and weeks and weeks) of teasing, today marks the first substantial news about GTA Online. Long story short:…

Watch Mitch Play Dragon’s Crown at 2 p.m. PDT!

dragon's crown thumb

Get your first look at the game in action with Mitch.

DARK, Abridged: Sexy Time (VIDEO)

dark abridged 1 thumb

Game Front’s Mitchell Saltzman re-records dialog for DARK to tell you a new, hilarious story.

James vs. Games 38: Spelunky Redemption Challenge

james vs games 38 thumb

To wrap up the fourth season (we assume) of James vs. Games, James is getting a chance to return to Spelunky, beat a new challenge, and win the sought-after Max Payne 3 Bullet Pen.

Rogue Legacy Livestream with Mitch at Noon PDT! (VIDEO)

rogue legacy thumb

Mitch shows just why he likes Rogue Legacy so much. Check it out at noon PDT!

Game Front’s Ultimate Video Tour of E3 2013


For more E3 news, previews and commentary bookmark Game Front’s official E3 hub. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to Game…

Who Won E3 2013? Let’s Find Out (VIDEO)


Mitch and James gather reactions on the first battle of the new console war at E3 2013.

PS4 Used Game Instructional Video Applies Salt to Wound

sharing games thumb

Man, it’d be mean if it wasn’t so deliciously perfect.

Watch The Sony E3 Press Conference Right Here

playstation 4 controller thumb

Join Game Front and find out if Sony actually realizes they can easily win the 8th generation by not being Microsoft.

WATCH: The Last of Us Video Preview With Mitch and Phil


The zombie ant fungus never seemed so awesome.

Livestream: James Fights Ornstein, Smough in Dark Souls Today!

dark souls smough thumb

Tune in and see James likely die repeatedly.

You Haven’t Heard Skyrim Until You Listen to Jazzrim


A guy named Savester2 has set up a video of himself playing the saxophone for about a minute-and-a-half straight with…

E3 2013: James and Mitch Head to E3


James and Mitch of Game Front’s video crew will be heading to E3 2013 to bring you the best from the floor, and maybe more.

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