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Walking Dead Episode 5 Trailer Promises a Rough Ending

walking dead 1 thumb

This trailer will get you excited.

Walking Dead Trailer Shows Players’ Moral Choices in Ep. 4

walking dead ep 4 thumb

See what choices everyone else made.

See Some Crysis 3 Single Player Gameplay in Action

crysis 3 thumb

Prophet greases some dudes.

Grand Theft Auto V Trailer #2 Is Here Right Now


And you can watch it immediately.

James vs. Games Bonus: James vs. Mitch vs. Zac (VIDEO)

james vs games bonus thumb

The guys face off in Black Ops 2 for the chance to shoot each other with Nerf guns.

Check Out Our Black Ops 2 Zombie Livestream Today!

blops 2 zombies bus thumb

See the new TranZit mode in action.

Minecraft Show 255: A Return to Adventure, For the Second Week

minecraft show 255 thumb

Maybe a little less swearing, but probably not.

Check Out The Crysis 3 Hunter Edition Preorder Bonuses


Watch below.

Game Front Update: Halo 4, LEGO LoTR, and GTA V (VIDEO)

game front update 1 thumb

This week, in Game Front videos….

James vs. Games 11: James vs. Catherine (The Game)

james vs games 11 thumb

Can James defeat Catherine’s wiles?

James vs. Games 10: James vs. Trials Evolution

trials evolution thumb

Can James best the Gigatrack and avoid eating a raw onion?

Find The ‘Who Inverted the Stick?’ Halo 4 Easter Egg


I’ll tell you who: I did. Because playing inverted rules.

How To Get The Red vs. Blue Easter Egg In Halo 4


It’s easy, trust us.

Cap That Turns Your Game Video Into T-Shirts, Phone Cases

james shirt thumb

We tried out the service and will be giving away a t-shirt we made.

This Assassin’s Creed 3 Parkour Fan Film Isn’t Awful


But it isn’t great either.

Check Out the Trailer for the Next Skryim DLC, Dragonborn

skyrim dragon thumb

Riding dragons and fighting Dragonborn, it looks like.

Mass Effect Trilogy Gets a Trailer for Nov. 6 Release

mass effect trilogy thumb

The box set is coming this week for Xbox and PC players, December for PS3 players.

Nuketown 2025 Trailer Reminds You To Pre-Order Black Ops 2

black ops 2 nuketown 2025 thumb

If you pre-order a copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, you get a futury reimaginging of the multiplayer…

Survival Horror Title Outlast Locks You in the Asylum (TRAILER)

outlast thumb

Looks scary.

Happy Halloween from Game Front (VIDEO)

game front halloween thumb

The guys showcase a montage of some scary gaming moments they’ve experienced.

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs Trailer Suggests More Running, Hiding

a machine for pigs thumb

Lookin’ creeeeepy.

Make a T-Rex Do Back Flips in Primal Carnage (TRAILER)

primal carnage thumb

Time to eat some humans/fight some dinosaurs.

New Smite Video: The Gods Are Real and I Found Them

smite cupid thumnb


Halo 4 Launch Trailer Shows the Return of the Forerunner

halo 4 2 thumb

It’s launch trailer time, because launch is on Nov. 6.

James vs. Games 9: James vs. Resident Evil 6 Mercenaries (VID)

james vs games 9 thumb

Can James avoid the Nerf gun firing squad?

New BioShock Infinite Trailer Shows Off Columbia, Ultimate Edition

bioshock infinite vox thumb

That Ultimate Edition comes with a Songbird statue, but it’ll cost you.

Watch Our Hawken Beta Livestream Right Here, 1-3p PST Saturday!

hawken thumb

Watch James play Hawken this weekend!

Game Front Takes On SyFy’s DVICE in Tribes Grudge Match (VID)

tribes ascend thumb

See the Game Front team play a game and not suck completely, just a little!

Halo 4 Fincher-Directed Trailer Is About the Man Inside the Armor

halo 4 1 thumb

It’s a pretty sweet live-action trailer.

Medieval Combat Title Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Hits Steam

chivalry thumb

First- or third-person sword-fighting action.

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