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Crytek Opens New Studio Filled With Darksiders Devs

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The new studio will be known as Crytek USA Corp., with one of Vigil’s co-founders serving as CEO.

THQ Has Filed For Bankrupcty


That sound you hear is the 3rd Street Saints crying out in terror.

Darksiders 2 Down to $12.50 for GetGames’ Holiday Sale

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A 75-percent price cut makes this one another good investment.

Download Darksiders 2′s Argul’s Tomb DLC Right Now

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New boss fights, dungeons and weapons.

Darksiders 2 Soundtrack: Invoking Other Greats

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A mix of influences and a diversity of sounds lead to a soundtrack you should get.

Darksiders 2 Review

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While Darksiders 2 is very competent with its many different elements, it’s ultimately nothing we haven’t seen before many times.

Uncredited Darksiders 2 Dev Tells His Story


This is important.

Vigil Wants to Patch Lackluster Darksiders 2 PC Port

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Here’s hoping they actually do it.

Ex-Darksiders 2 Dev: “Not Even Credited” By THQ And Vigil



THQ Comments Throw Darksiders II Release Date Into Question

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Apparently the previous date of June 26 is up in the air.

Darksiders 2 Hands-on Preview


Not “playing dead.” Playing Death.