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Is Visceral Games Making A MOBA Game?

dead space 3 space thhumb


Watch 17 Minutes of Dead Space 3, With Commentary

dead space 3 space thhumb

This may waylay your fears of co-op ruining Dead Space 3.

Dead Space 3 Gets a Release Date: February 2013

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Also some pre-order bonus details for its Limited Edition.

Greed Space: Why Not Every Game Needs to Be a Huge Hit


Publishers, take heed.

EA Says Dead Space 3 Co-Op Will Make Players ‘More Comfortable’

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Does more comfortable equal less scary, though? Some think so.

EA Release 15 Minutes Of Dead Space 3 Gameplay Footage.


This isn’t really convincing.

Dead Space 3 Will Feature ‘Optional Quests, Hidden Levels’

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It’s not quite open world, but you’ll be able to explore and backtrack on Tau Volantis.

Dead Space 3: Bigger, Faster, Dumber


We wish it weren’t so.

Dead Space 3 is Isaac’s (and Carver’s) Search for Ellie (TRAILER)

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It’s cooperative! Hooray?

Check Out More Screens from Dead Space 3 (POSSIBLE SPOILERS)

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Looks like the things we thought were true are true.

Dead Space Short Intros New Character, Possibly for Dead Space 3

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Meet John Carver, a dude who shoots necromorphs.

Dead Space 3 Rumored to Include Co-op

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Taking on survival horror with a friend — good thing or bad thing?

EA Confirms Dead Space 3, Need for Speed by March 2013

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It’s official — EA is publishing sequels in successful franchises. I’ll alert the media…oh, wait.

Dead Space Story Producer: Gears of War Has ‘Worst Writing in Games’

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He also admits that Dead Space’s story was kind of a mess, too.

Guerrilla’s Arjan Brussee To Join Visceral Games


This ends an 8 year tenure with the company he co-founded.

Isaac Clark will Be, Uh, ‘Different’ in Dead Space 3, Rumor Claims (SPOILER)

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He has a new job — bringing the rock to the hole.

Visceral Studios Melbourne Shuts Down

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Yet more studio closings from Down Under.

Two Free Dead Space 2 Maps Hit Xbox Live on May 31 (SCREENS)

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They’ll migrate over to the Playstation Network on June 3.

DS2 Plasma Cutter Replicas Make Me Wish Convergence Was Real

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Not really. But these are sweet.

Visceral: Dead Space 2 for NGP Wouldn’t Be a Port

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Visceral and EA want to push Dead Space everywhere they can, but only if the games are good — hopefully better than Ignition.

Visceral Will Take Its Time With Any Dead Space 2 Film Adaptation

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Some journalist brought up a Dead Space movie and, shockingly, Visceral Games said they wouldn’t ruin it if it happens.

Dead Space 2 Box Has a Download Code for Dragon Age II Armor (VIDEO)

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Purchasing Dead Space 2 on Jan. 25 will nab you a download code for a free set of Dead Space-inspired…

Register Dead Space for iPhone, Unlock Content in Dead Space 2

dead space ipad thumb

Buying and registering EA Mobile’s upcoming Dead Space game for iPhone and iPad will allow you to unlock some kind…

Dead Space for iPhone Looks Scary and Awesome (VIDEO)

dead space ipad thumb

We finally get to see Dead Space in motion on an iPhone. It doesn’t disappoint.

Dead Space 2 (Creepy) Demo Impressions

dead space 2 flight thumb

We spent some time with the Dead Space 2 demo to get a sense of what kind of horror Isaac Clarke can expect on The Sprawl.

Germany Censors Dead Space 2, Delaying It to February

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You CAN’T accidentally shoot humans with friendly fire in Germany, and players can’t have Dead Space 2 until Visceral Games removes friendly fire from multiplayer.

The World is a Vampire for Isaac Clark (TRAILER)

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Listen carefully for a few bits of dialogue that suggest more than just monsters are pursuing Dead Space 2′s protagonist.

GI: Dead Space 2 Includes a Dead Space 3 Tease

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Game Informer’s review tips that there’s a teaser for Dead Space 3, which could mean a third game in the series. Huzzah!

New Screens Make Dead Space on iPad Look Awesome

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Details are a little thin, but the one thing we know for sure about Dead Space on iOS: it’s pretty.

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