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For Odin! War of the Vikings Gets Free Steam Weekend


War of the Roses‘ pitch was amazing: a Dark Ages melee multiplayer spin on Battlefield. Unfortunately, the project never had…

War of the Roses “Kingmaker” Edition to Release Q1 2013


Also, DLC featuring the voice talents of Boss Nass.

New War of the Roses Content Announced


Additional weapons, maps, and game modes forthcoming.

War of the Roses Devs Research Actual Castles (VIDEO)

war of the roses thumb

Authenticity, whoo!

Check Out The New War Of The Roses Trailer


The upcoming medieval-set multiplayer combat game War of the Roses looks like it has a lot of promise. I, at…

You Can Register for the War of the Roses Beta Right Now

war of the roses thumb

Sign up and refer some friends to increase your chances of getting in.

Paradox Releases New War of the Roses, Shadow Effect Videos


Gritty medieval or campy 80′s? We’ve got both.

Game Front’s Updated 2012 Preview Calendar


Keep track of what gamers can look forward to for the rest of the year.

GDC 2012: Hands-on With War of the Roses


Roses are red/Violets are blue/I’ve got a poleaxe/I’m coming for you

Paradox Takes Us Back to the War of the Roses

war of the roses

Fingers crossed that it’ll work out better this time.