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Nielsen Releases June Ratings For PC Games, Consoles


In other news, Nielsen tracks video game usage.

Looks Like DOTA 2 Might Be Shown at Gamescom

dota thumb

Valve is exhibiting some kind of “strategy” game at the Germany convention.

Warcraft 3 1.26a Patch Download


Download the new patch for either Reign of Chaos or The Frozen Throne!

Heroes of Newerth April Fools Hero Teaser: Scout Trailer (Video)


No Killa Gorillas, but lots of medieval fantasy Darwin Award nominees.

League of Legends April Fools Urfrider Corki Trailer (Video)


Sad thing is, I actually want a killer manatee.

Rumor Confirmed as Valve Applies for DotA Trademark


Turns out John St. John wasn’t just trying to increase his total # of followers.

Duke Nukem Tweets?! Also, Valve’s Working on DotA, Maybe, Possibly.


Breaking, mostly unsubstantiated, possibly incorrect news regarding Valve, Duke Nukem and one of the most respected WarCraft mods of all time.

The Open File: Files from the Front October 26, 2007

Its been a few weeks since we had an Open File installment but things are still happening on the many…

Samsung Gears up for World Cyber Games 2007

Samsung will once again be hosting World Cyber Games (WCG), the world’s premiere gaming tournament as well as the Malaysian…