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World of Tanks Set for ‘Transformative’ Year


Wargaming’s free-to-play juggernaut, World of Tanks, has changed significantly since its 2010 launch, but it appears poised for its biggest…

Are Chris Taylor & Wargaming Working On Total Annihilation 2?

Total Annihilation Cover 140x

Is Total Annihilation 2 on the horizon? Chris Taylor says the answer is in your heart.

Wargaming at E3: Tanks, Planes, Ships, and Explosions


Wargaming knows how to be bombastic. Acquires Gas Powered Games

wildman thumb

No info about the future of Wildman or whether any Gas Powered Games employees will lose their jobs in the deal.

World Of Tanks Hits 40 Million Register Users With, Er, Artillery


Tank puns aren’t easy!

Browser Version Of World Of Tanks Launched


If this interests you.

World of Tanks 7.4 Update: New Maps, Modes, Tanks


It’s a wonderful world…of tanks.