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Nintendo Stock Continues to Fall, Iwata Says You Don’t “Get” the Wii U


You’re absolutely right about that.

Killer Freaks From Outer Space — Not As Terrible As It Sounds (Trailer)


Unfortunately, it’s being designed exclusively for the Wii U.

Report: Wii U Won’t Play GameCube Games


Pour one out for the death of– oh, I still have a GameCube.

Nintendo Stock Drops After Wii U Announcement

wii u controller thingie

Not a great year for them.

NAMCO working on 3DS Tekken Title

flying tekken panda

Tekken is invading the hell out of Nintendo.

Your Wii U Console Details (or lack thereof) and Gallery

wii u console

So what’s the deal with this thing?

Wii U Going Hardcore

wii u controller

Because we need a new platform to play games we already play on other platforms.

The Balleyhooed Wii U Controller

wii u controller thingie

It’s something else!

New Nintendo Console is Wii U

wii u

Wii University?

Huge New Details About Project Cafe For E3 2011


Looks like Nintendo is going to party like it’s 1999.

GameFront’s Guide To E3 2011


We’ve put together the definitive visual aide to the biggest nerd out of the year.

Report: Nintendo to Announce New HD Console at E3

nintendo logo

It’s about time, I say.