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The Lego Movie Videogame Trophies


Go for gold manuals and more with these Playstation trophies

The Lego Movie Videogame Achievements


Become a Master Builder, a Micro Manager, and a billionaire.

The Lego Movie Videogame Walkthrough


Make everything awesome with a helping hand from Game Front’s Lego Movie walkthrough.

Expect A More Integrated Nintendo In The Future, Says Iwata

Nintendo Iwata Wii U 140x

It’s been a tough spell for Nintendo as of late — lower-than-expected sales and revenue aren’t a duo any game…

New RBI Baseball Hitting All the Platforms This Spring


The defunct RBI Baseball franchise, notable for being the first baseball game with an MLBPA license, allowing it to use…

Wii U Gamepad Hacked for Streaming PC Gaming


When Nintendo first unveiled the Wii U and its funky tablet/controller, I envisioned the console acting as a streaming server…

Minecraft Is Not Coming To The Wii U, Says Notch

Mario in Minecraft 140x

  Minecraft is not coming to Wii U anytime soon, unfortunately. Earlier this week, Nintendo Enthusiast said its retail sources…

Nintendo Confirms Zelda, Rainbow Road For Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros Wii U Zelda 140x

Nintendo has confirmed that Princess Zelda will be back in the fight when Super Smash Bros. comes to Wii U…

Report: Minecraft Heading to Wii U in 2014


Mojang’s phenomenon Minecraft just hit the PlayStation 3 last week, but its quest for world domination isn’t going to end…

See Call of Duty: Ghosts’ DLC Map Packs in Action In Trailer

COD Ghosts_MP Send Help Next Gen

Like Battlefield’s premium service, Call of Duty: Ghosts has a $50 season pass which nets you all the game’s DLC…

Nintendo Wii U Trailer BONANZA! Mario Kart, Remix, & Super Smash

Mario Kart 8 140x


Video: The Hobbit Adventures Into LEGO Territory

LEGO The Hobbit 140x

Keeping with the proud tradition of turning gargantuan Hollywood properties into tremendously fun video games based on yellow plastic figures…

PS4 Eclipses Lifetime Wii U UK Sales In One Weekend

PS4 Logo Thumbnail 140x

  While us ‘muricans were eating turkey and watching The Abomination of Rugby this holiday weekend, Sony’s PS4 console launched…

Super Mario 3D World: Green Stars & Stamps Locations [Video]


Score some stars and stamps with our plumber extraordinaire Mitch.

Nintendo Says Wii U Games Unworthy As A Successor to The Wii


Forgiveness, please.

Rayman Legends Review: Legendary Silliness


Check out the Rayman Legends video series and see more hilarious Let’s Plays. Subscribe to Game Front’s Video Walkthroughs on…

CoD: Ghosts Pre-Order Map “Free Fall” Gets A Video

cod ghosts thumb

When I was at E3 earlier this year I saw a number of impressive reveals for upcoming games, but one…

Mitch Goes Hands-On with Splinter Cell: Blacklist (VIDEO)


More sneakin’ and stranglin’ from Ubisoft, Tom Clancy, and last but not least Sam Fisher.

Earthbound Video Walkthrough


Join Mitch as he plays the cult classic JRPG Earthbound.

Friday Flame Wars: Who Won E3? Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo?


Sony. Come dare to disagree with me.

Ubisoft: No Wii U-Exclusives Unless Nintendo Sells More Systems


The French publisher will only make more Wii U exclusive games if Nintendo sells more systems.

An Evening With iam8bit: Custom Consoles, Retro Renditions & Art

iam8bit Entertainment System 140x

Awesome video game-inspired art within!

Kiefer Sutherland to Play Snake in Metal Gear Solid 5

metal gear rising thumb

24 Fans Rejoice.

Game Front Does E3: The Full Schedule of Coverage


Keep up to date on all the conferences we’ll be covering at E3.

Resident Evil: Revelations Walkthrough (PS3 / 360)


The handheld survival horror adventure comes to PS3, 360, and Wii U. Join Game Front’s video walkthrough team and crush yet another viral outbreak.

Report: Unspecified Number of Employees Hit By EA Layoffs


Things are looking grim for the two-time Worst Company In America winner.

Mother 3 Fans Offer English Translation to Nintendo


Nintendo won’t translate the game, so the fans have done so instead.

Nintendo Direct Recap: A Flood of Luigis


This edition of Nintendo Direct catered heavily to the 3DS.

Injustice: Gods Among Us – Story Walkthrough & Characters Guide


Become god-like.

Injustice: Gods Among Us Cheats


Be like the Joker — don’t be afraid to cheat.

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