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Why LEGO Batman Gives Me Hope For Triple-A


In many ways, it feels like Triple-A gaming in 2014 is ending on a sour note. We have major releases…

Gender Markets and Game Design


GameDesign is a new column series on GameFront featuring a game designer tackling industry issues from their perspective. Lost in…

Nintendo Wii Infringes On Philips Patents, Rules UK Court


The Nintendo Wii was arguably one of the biggest winners of the last console generation, even if that success was…

Report: Xbox One Standby Mode Wastes $400M in Energy Per Year

Newest vs previous generation HR

Hope you like the ability to say “Xbox, on,” because it’s costing you.

Trade Current-Gen Consoles for $200 Toward Alienware PC


If there was ever a time to get a new PC, it’s when Battlefield 4 is about to come out…

Nordic Buys Red Faction, Ross Is Worried [UPDATE]

darksiders 2 6 thumb

This is the dictionary definition of good news/bad news.

Check Out Our New Multiplayer Show, Game Front Gauntlet

game front gauntlet 1 thumb

The Game Front Video Team has a new show for the Game Front YouTube Channel, and it’s all about multiplayer…

Nobody Loves Luigi, Even on His 30th Birthday


Poor Luigi.

Nintendo’s Lowers Sales Forecasts After Q3 Earnings


Again. But net income is going up!

Missouri State Rep Proposes Stupid Tax On Games


You will marvel at the list of absurdities.

Nyko’s CES Lineup Wants Your Wii U to be Awesome

Nyko-Pro-Commander thumb

Nyko’s Wii U accessories offer significant battery life improvements.

Wii Mini Priced At $99.99 (Canadian Dollars Only)


Cheap. Just like the original Wii, only even more reflected by the price.

Nintendo No Longer Making Wii Games; Wii U Only


We must look forward, not backward; upward, not forward.

THQ Begins Negotiations To Stave Off Destruction


But I’m afraid it’s doomed.

Lego Lord of the Rings Cheats


A Wizard should know better!

EA Wii U Games Require Origin Account for Online Play, Collect Your Information


Wii not being left out.

FIFA 13 Review: Much Ado About Touch


You weren’t worried about it getting worse, but how did it get better?

EA Busted Selling Reskinned Games As New


This is beyond sleazy.

New Deets About The MGS Film That Probably Won’t Happen

metal gear rising thumb

Seriously, we all know this movie isn’t going to happen.

Worf Will Be Slaying Vamps In The Castlevania Movie

castlevania lords of shadow 2 thumb

Don’t worry, it’s not going to happen.

Kojima Productions Beefing Up LA Studio Staff


Get your resumes ready everyone.

Nintendo Once Made The Silliest Peripheral Ever


Why didn’t this ever see the light of day?

Yep; Stolen Copies Of Resident Evil 6 Have Been Sold


More fool them, because it’s Resident Evil 6!

The Last Story – Chapter 25: Sea Cave Side-quest Guide


Take down the Kraken in this optional quest.

The Last Story – Chapter 24: Reptid Catacombs Side-quest Guide


Clear out the infestation.

The Last Story – Chapter 20: The Haunted Mansion Side-quest Guide


Survive the invincible vampire’s mansion of tricks with our guide.

The Last Story – Chapter 21: The Flame & Lizard Side-quest Guide


Break-up a cult hidden in the shadows of the city.

The Last Story: Ariela’s Lunch Side-Quest Guide


Take this boxed lunch all over the city.

The Last Story: Frog Collectible Side-Quest Guide


Become a friend to all frogs and access secret vendors with special weapons.

The Last Story: Mysterious Forest Quest Guide


Solve this mystery.

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