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Walkthrough Weekend: Witcher 2, LA Noire, and More!


Make the most of a Memorial Day weekend with the help of walkthroughs and cheats!

No NHL 2K12 for Consoles


Pour one out, folks.

Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters 3DS Trailer (Video)


Ever notice how the Green Lantern oath sounds like ‘starlight, starbright, first star I see tonight’?

WWE All Stars Randy Savage Tribute – 10 Flying Elbow Drops For The Macho Man


What better way is there to send him out?

Walkthrough Weekend: LA Noire, Witcher 2, and More!


Crack the cases and defeat the demon’s this weekend, with our help.

If the Internet Goes Down, It’s Because Netflix is on Your Game Console


The more you know…

Walkthrough Weekend: Brink, Lego Pirates of the Caribbean, and More!


This weekend is going to need a medic when you all get done with it.

Virtua Tennis 4 – Launch Trailer (video)


Get ready to shout at the judges and get thrown out… in your living room!

LEGO Pirates Behind the Scenes (Video)


Finally, some piracy that video game developers endorse.

Mario Is Fat Because…


This isn’t a joke! We have a real answer inside!

Brain Controls Next Step After Kinect


Sure, Kinect is fancy and everything, but what about us lazy gamers who don’t want to be exhausted after ten minutes of gaming?

Interview With Victor Zordan, Expert In Video Game Technology


An expert’s opinion on the future of gaming technology, neural interfaces, 3D holographic games, and more.

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Review


Jump into the shoes of Captain Jack Sparrow or one of over 70 other characters in the latest LEGO game. Is it good, or will it give you scurvy?

Why Talk Of a HD Nintendo Console Almost Makes Me Sad


The Wii’s greatest setback was also its greatest strength, and I’ll mourn its passing.

First Ever Chinese-Developed Gaming Console Unveiled


Nintendo Yawns. Microsoft tries to pretend it doesn’t care. Sony huddles in a corner, crying and calling for its mommy.

Warning! LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Fraught with Comic Mischief (TRAILER)

lego pirates thumb

Capt. Jack Sparrow probably has a pretty serious LEGO concussion by the end of this trailer.

Walkthrough Weekend: Escalation DLC, Thor: God of Thunder, Portal 2, Mortal Kombat, and More!

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Take that, weekend!

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Cheats


Cheat! Just don’t get caught, unless you like being keelhauled.

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Walkthrough


Really more like guidelines.

Thor: God of Thunder Feats


Your comprehensive guide to demigod derring-do.

Thor: God of Thunder Cheats


Master the game with the help of this page.

Nintendo Drops Wii to $150, Bundles Mario Kart


No more Wii Sports.

Lego: Pirates of the Caribbean Demo Walkthrough


Experience the Lego freebootery in its entirety!

Hot Women in Uniform, Drunk Drivers, and Movie Villains (LINKS)


Today’s link dump has hot women, scuzzy dreadlocks, and a whole lot more.

Thor: God of Thunder Walkthrough


Hammer your way through the game with this walkthrough at your side!

IGN to Merge with UGO, Spin Off from News Corp.

ign thumb

Yup, IGN will be even bigger.

Rumor: New IP Will Accompany Wii 2


And supposedly, the game will be shown off at E3.

Walkthrough Weekend: Portal 2, Outland, Gears of War 3 Beta and More!

portal 2 test chamber thumb

Tackle the weekend with all the game intel you can handle!

Tornadoes, Zombies, and the NFL Draft


Today’s link dump features tornado footage from Tuscaloosa, and a chance for you to help out those affected by it.

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