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The House of the Dead: OVERKILL Extended Cut – Varla Guns Trailer


The zombie killing rail shooter gets an HD makeover and a Tarrantino-esque trailer.

Awesome “Evolution of Video Game Controllers” Infographic


Short version: they have more buttons now.

Stan Lee and His Moustache Go Behind the Scenes With X-men: Destiny



Apparently, 500 Developers Are Associated With Call Of Duty


It takes a lot of people to make sure Activision’s cash cow franchise oversaturates the market.

Walkthrough Weekend: Deus Ex, Bodycount, Call of Duty DLC, and more!


Take a walk with Game Front — through the latest and greatest games.

5 Great Madden Plays to Celebrate the Release of Madden NFL 12

madden nfl 12 thumb

Celebrate a new game with videos of other people playing games.

Madden NFL 12 Game Guide


Another year, another Madden.

Buy The Special Edition Of Skyward Sword, Get A Gold Wiimote


Oh Nintendo, is there anything you can’t do a little too late to be worth it?

Angry Birds Gets into Everything, Including Mario and a Queen Song

angrybirds2 thumb

Five mash-up videos of Angry Birds getting out to places they shouldn’t.

Watch The Yelawolf – Official “No Hands” Music Video


Dope beats and video games for your afternoon.

The Kore Gang – Announcement Trailer


Warning: The words “Exclusively for the Wii” appear in this trailer.

Madden NFL 12 Cheats


EA brings the hurt with a new Madden.

Analyst Predicts New Monster Hunter Announcement at TGS

monster hunter

Buy Capcom now!

Epic Mickey 2 In Development?


Sure looks like it.

Back to the Future: The Game Collector’s Edition Trailer


1.21 gigabytes required to play. And a modem that runs at 88 KBS.

How Super Mario Bros. Should Have Ended


This actually makes a lot more sense.

Watch This Freestyle Rapper Rhyme About Punch Out


Little Mac is totally bobbing his head.

Nielsen Releases June Ratings For PC Games, Consoles


In other news, Nielsen tracks video game usage.

Trailer Announces Just Dance Kids 2

just dance kids 2 thumb

Kids say, “Cool, thanks.”

Walkthrough Weekend: Shadow of the Colossus, Toy Soldiers, El Shaddai, and more!


Shadows, Soldiers, and Shaddai — sit down with Game Front’s greatest walkthroughs this weekend.

Check Out These Gender-Inverted Super Mario Bros. Characters


Super Maria Sisters!

Phineas and Ferb: Across the Second Dimension – “Heart of Doofness” Trailer (Video)


This is cute, but I’m officially calling for a United Nations ban on parody-quoting Apocalypse Now.

X-Men: Destiny – Powers Vignette (Video)


Enjoy the explosive generic powers.

Mario and Sonic Go For Gold at the London Olympics 2012 (TRAILER)


Wario was disqualified on a doping violation.

The WWE’ 12 – Predator Technology Trailer Will Bodyslam Your Eyes (Video)


There is nothing homoerotic whatsoever about watching men in pastel underwear leaping on top of each other. Nothing.

New Wii SKU Not Coming To North America

new wii

I predicted this!

The Wii Also Getting a New, Presumably Cheaper SKU

new wii

We don’t actually know the price yet.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Hitting in November


You will have the chance to own yet another awkwardly titled Wii game.

Oasis’ Noel Gallagher: Video Games Did So Cause The London Riot!


Because a crisis just isn’t resolved until a washed up rock star has his say.

The Centipede Goes to War in this Centipede: Infestation Trailer


But where is the Centipede, exactly?

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