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What Does a Kickstarter Failure Look Like?


We take a close look at five failed Kickstarter launches. Acquires Gas Powered Games

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No info about the future of Wildman or whether any Gas Powered Games employees will lose their jobs in the deal.

Wildman Kickstarter Looks All But Doomed


The Wildman Kickstarter fund is four days from over, but it has yet to even attain half the funds it needs to be funded.

Gas Powered Games Situation Improves, Wildman Kickstarter Looks Good


The situation appears to be improving at Gas Powered Games. Wildman may just get made.

Wildman Kickstarter: Chris Taylor Tearfully Explains Why He Had To Let Go Off His Employees


Gas Powered Games, best known for Dungeon Siege and Supreme Commander, has laid off most of its employees. Word of…