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Epic Games Founder Worried “About the Future of Microsoft”

Windows 8

Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney believes Windows could find itself on the way out if Microsoft doesn’t embrace “a more…

Report: Windows 9 Coming in April 2015


Windows 8 is Microsoft’s new Vista and it hopes to make up for that major OS gaffe with Windows 9…

Windows 8.2 Might Have A Legit Start Menu, Metro Apps In Desktop Mode

Windows 8 Logo Black 140x

The next major Windows 8 update might be the best version of the OS so far, if new rumors are…

Warning: Windows 8.1 Hates Your Mouse


Hey Valve, hurry up with that SteamOS, will ya? Microsoft is once again demonstrating its near contempt for PC gaming…

Gabe Newell: Linux Is The Future Of PC Gaming

Tux the Penguin Drinking Windows Juicebox 140x

  Valve sees the future of gaming, and it’s on the shoulders of Tux the Penguin. Gabe Newell’s comments at…

Win 8′s Drag On PC Sales An Object Lesson For Microsoft


But is Microsoft paying attention?