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World of Warcraft Drops to 7.6 Million Subscribers


Still impressive.

Blizzard Trademarks “Warlords of Draenor”


Or possibly something Hearthstone-related.

Warcraft RTS: For Those Who Can’t Wait For WarCraft 4

WarCraft Logo 140x

Everyone loves WarCraft 3. Don’t even say you didn’t, you smug son of a gun, because you totally loved WarCraft…

Former Underwear Model to Star in Warcraft Movie


Duncan Jones’ film adaptation of Blizzard’s Warcraft universe has found its leading man, according to Variety. He is none other…

Comment of the Week: Ron Was Wrong About WoW Not Being Dumbed Down


This was a great week of comments, everybody. Just excellent work all around. It was so good, in fact, that…

Cherry Picked: WoW Revenue Fell 54 Percent in 7 Months


World of Warcraft is nearly a decade old and it still has more than 7 million monthly subscribers. Blizzard’s golden…

Blizzard Loses 600k World of Warcraft Subscribers in 2 Months


The numbers keep sinking.

Blizzard is Pursuing Microtransactions for World of Warcraft


Microtransactions are coming to Azeroth.

Friday Flame Wars: WoW Movie Happening, How Can This Be Good?


Legendary + Blizzard = win or disaster?

Rift Goes Free-To-Play: The End Of An Era

RIFT: Storm Legion

Rift’s move to free-to-play marks the end of the subscription MMO

World of Warcraft Loses 1.3m Subscribers, Still Crazy Profitable


World of Warcraft loses some subscribers, but that’s not a big deal for the largest MMO out there.

Top 10 Themed Minecraft Worlds: Middle-earth, Westeros & Beyond


What’s your favorite Minecraft world? These ten are ours.

If Boy/Girl Scouts Gave out Merit Badges for Gaming


They’d look like this.

The Perfect MMO, As Envisioned By A Player


The best game ever. By James Murff, age 8.

World of Warcraft 5.3 Update Brings Major Changes to PvP Gear


World of Warcraft’s 5.3 patch is set to bring major changes to PvP gear.

New WoW PTR Patch 5.3 Battle Pets from Burning Crusade Raids


Gotta catch ‘em—ok, you get the idea by now.

Why MMO Economies Are Broken & 4 Ways To Repair Them


Virtual economies can teach us important lessons about real-world markets. Too bad these virtual marketplaces aren’t much fun to play with.

World of Warcraft: Patch 5.2 Essential Addons Guide


Addons you’ll want to have for World of Warcraft’s patch 5.2.

Why MMO Death Blows & 4 Ways To Make It Interesting


Want to find out more ways that the MMO genre can be improved? Check out the rest of our series…

BlizzCon 2013 Dates Announced: Nov 8-9


What will they announce this year?

World of Warcraft On Sale… in the Middle of February?


Blizzard slashes World of Warcraft prices in half.

Why MMO Guilds Are Useless & 5 Ways to Improve Them


Guilds need to make their presence felt.

World of Warcraft Popularity Dips, Blizzard To Focus On Diablo 3


Blizzard intends to increase its focus on Diablo 3 and its community.

Why MMO Dungeons Are Irrelevant & 5 Ways to Change Them


MMO dungeon crawls aren’t quite as engaging as the ones you go through with pen and paper.

Warcraft movie to be directed by Duncan Jones


Duncan Jones set to direct the upcoming Warcraft movie from Legendary Pictures

Why MMO Exploration is Unimportant & 4 Ways To Make it Meaningful


Why is it that exploring an open game world doesn’t feel as fun as it should be?

Why MMO PvP is Awful & 4 Ways to Make It Fun


Nothing makes MMO players quite as frustrated as fighting other people

Connecticut Game Burning May Be A Step Backwards, Says Expert


Ya think?

WoW Players Are The Ideal Employee, According to Researcher


Basically boils down to passionate workers are good workers.

World of Warcraft: The Thunder King is Rising in Patch 5.2


Blizzard has released a little teaser to many of the World of Warcraft fansites. It seems players can expect a…

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