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Walmart Going After GameStop with Used Games Push


They’re late to the game, but Walmart wants its piece of the used-games market pie.  Given that this is Walmart…

Lost Planet 3 is 2013′s Best Game You Didn’t Play

lost planet 3 3 thumb

A well-told story makes Lost Planet 3 a great, overlooked title from 2013.

Watch Dogs Will Have ’35-40′ Hours of Story Content

Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs’ story will last between 35-40 hours. The game’s creative director, Jonathan Morin, revealed this information this weekend in…

Titanfall Review: Fun That Falls Short of the Hype


There’s often a singular joy in some of Titanfall’s best moments. Leaping into the air as a Pilot, skimming a…

Respawn Says Titanfall Cheaters Will Be “Rooted Out Shortly”


Respawn Entertainment is tracking Titanfall cheaters. Titanfall launched on PC and Xbox One on March 11th and, for days now,…

Popcap Lays Off Undisclosed Number of Employees


Popcap, the studio behind Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare, Peggle, and other popular titles, has laid off an undisclosed number…

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer Speaks Against Fanboyism

Xbox One

Phil Spencer says fanboyism is “unhealthy.” Spencer, who currently serves as Vice President of Microsoft Studios, gave these remarks during…

Australian Classification Board Slaps R18+ Rating on Watch Dogs

watch dogs app thumb

Watch Dogs has been restricted to adults in Australia based on sex, drug use and violence in the game, according to the Australian Classification Board.

Respawn Launches Site Teasing “Original” Titanfall Story Content

Titanfall Countdown

Respawn Entertainment is readying a “live action epic” based in the Titanfall universe. The project, which was revealed via a…

Join the Resistance in the Enemy Front Teaser


Enemy Front was going to be Creative Director Stuart Black’s (Black) action-packed return to shooters, featuring a super soldier on…

Devs Share First Details on Tales From the Borderlands


Tales From the Borderlands is a ‘big fish story’ that will task players with discovering who is telling the truth,…

Titan Mode is Back with Carrier Assault in Battlefield 4


We’ve fired an AC-130-like barrage at DICE and EA for its many missteps with Battlefield 4. Now it’s time to…

DRAM Class Action Settlement = Cash For You


If you purchased a computer, console or any type of hardware or component with DRAM in it between 1998 and…

Purported Dishonored 2 Fact Sheet Appears Online


Earlier today, a fact sheet that supposedly details Dishonored 2 popped up online. But is it real, or just make…

Sniper Elite 3 Release Date, Pre-order Bonus Announced


Let’s kill Hitler… again! If you pre-ordered Sniper Elite V2 back in 2012, you received a bonus mission: Kill Hitler!…

Watch Dogs Release Date Announced, Get Hacking in May


Future Chicago will open to hackers on May 27. That’s when Ubisoft says Watch Dogs, a game originally set for…

BattleBlock Theater Heading to Steam, Beta Coming Soon


The Behemoth (Castle Crashers) is bringing BattleBlock Theater to Steam this spring, and now is your chance to get into…

The Phantom Pain is ’200 Times Bigger’ than Ground Zeroes


This news should satisfy fans worried about getting a bang for their buck in Snake’s next adventure: Hideo Kojima says…

Respawn Releases Titanfall Launch Trailer


With Titanfall’s launch only a week away, its developers at Respawn have released a new launch trailer. The trailer, which…

The Walking Dead Season 2 Ep. 2 Review: Dividing Loyalties


The second installment of The Walking Dead Season 2 keeps most of its gameplay and puzzle-solving subtle, requiring players and Clementine to navigate how they’ll deal with the story’s other characters.

Win a Copy of Titanfall from GameFront!

titanfall big thumb

Titanfall is quite possibly the most anticipated game of 2014 so far, and we’re giving away two copies of Respawn’s…

The Jimquisition Tackles the Media’s Role in Industry Harrasment


The Escapist : Jimquisition : Pressing The Issues With all of the harassment of games industry people that appears in…

Fix the Netcode! DICE Details Work On Common Battlefield Issues


In a detailed post on the official Battlefield blog, DICE addresses the elephant in the server room, the so-called Battlefield…

South Park: The Stick of Truth Review: South Park’s Greatest Hits

south park stick of truth 3 thumb

South Park: The Stick of Truth winds up being overly reverential and fixated on shock-value gross-out humor, but big fans of the show will still have a blast.

Kickstarter Tops $1 Billion in Pledges, Games Rake in Most Dough


And to think, when Tim Schafer was able to crowdfund $3.3 million for Double Fine Adventure (aka Broken Age) in…

Apparent Leak Outs Detailed Images of Titanfall’s 15 Maps


With just over a week to go before launch, the code to Respawn’s vault has been cracked and Titanfall‘s secrets…

Sony Listing Suggests June Release Date for Watch Dogs


Spring of 2014 is the release window Ubisoft penciled in for Watch Dogs after the open world hackathon was delayed…

Lost Planet 3: How To Build a Game About Characters

lost planet 3 light

Lost Planet 3 may have arrived in August to lackluster review scores and negligible hype, but contrary to conventional wisdom,…

Holy Taco’s Eight Frustrating Games You Never Beat


Everyone’s got that albatross, that white whale – that one game that no matter how hard you tried, you never…

BioShock Infinite’s Burial at Sea Ep. 2 Gets Thief-ish 1998 Mode

burial at sea 1998 mode thumb

Irrational challenges you to play Burial at Sea Episode 2 without killing anyone.

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