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Sign Up for the Titanfall Closed Beta Now

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Go get signed up for the closed beta for your chance to play Titanfall a little bit early.

EA’s Hilleman Suggests Battlefield 4 Launch Woes Overblown

battlefield 4 thumb

EA’s chief creative officer answers a few questions about how Battlefield 4 launched, and how EA might improve launches in the future.

Freedom Cry’s Worst Sin is Turning Slaves into Loot

freedome cry slaves

Assassin’s Creed IV’s Freedom Cry DLC is a new story, in which you take on the role of former slave…

EA: Xbox 360 Version Of Titanfall Delayed To March 25


EA just confirmed through it’s Twitter account that the Xbox 360 version of Titanfall has been delayed. Titanfall is scheduled…

Gameplay as Filler: Wasting Your Time


“I look at Playboy for the articles.” That line was a cute little joke for a long time, and a…

The Wolf Among Us Episode 2: Smoke and Mirrors Review

wolf among us ep 2 review thumb

When people ask me why I like Telltale’s recent releases so much, I often struggle. The games aren’t particularly pretty,…

Meet Microsoft’s New CEO, Satya Nadella


Microsoft’s search for Steve Ballmer’s replacement is over. The company’s board of directors has appointed Satya Nadella as chief executive…

EA Q3 2014 Investor Report: Still Rich, Still Tight-Lipped

EA Logo Grey 140x

Electronic Arts management avoided any mention of the still-pending investor lawsuits during today’s investor call for the third fiscal quarter…

Ubisoft Says Watch Dogs Trademark Abandonment “Fraudulent”


UPDATE: Ubisoft has filed a petition to the United States Patent and Trademark Office claiming that this weekend’s request to…

GTA 5 Ships 32.5 Million


Rockstar Games’ parent company Take-Two Interactive announced today that since it launched in September the company has shipped 32.5 million…

Electronic Arts’ SimCity Mods Policy: Ingrateful Basterds


When it was first announced, I was happy to look on the bright side of Electronic Arts’ and Maxis’ “shocking”…

The Wolf Among Us Episode 2 Hits PC, PS3 Tuesday

wolf among us ep 2 thumb

Expect a Wednesday release for European PS3 players and Xbox 360 owners.

Remember Me Dev Dontnod Ent. Enters Judicial Reorganization

remember me thumb

Dontnod Entertainment, the developer behind 2013′s Remember Me, has gone into a form of court-supervised financial retooling. Early reports from…

9 Minutes of Dark Souls 2 Gameplay, Starring Peter Serafinowicz


British actor person and comedian (bringing both his dramatic and comedy skills to the table as the voice of Darth…

Kalypso Announces PS 4 Version of Tropico 5


We already knew El Presidente was planning a cigar-chomping return to politics. What we didn’t know was that Tropico 5′s…

Finally, The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2 is Coming Soon


Remember when we had a ball playing the Big Bad Wolf in Telltale’s first episode of The Wolf Among Us?…

Respawn: Titanfall PC Will Have Aim Assist For The Controller Crowd


I have a love-hate relationship with Aim Assist in videogames. On one hand, I think it’s a necessary tool for…

February Is Now Battlefield 4 Player Appreciation Month

battlefield 4 thumb

It’s been a rough few months for Battlefield 4. Despite crashing and stability issues, that have refused to disappear since…

[Trailer] Bioshock Infinite: Burial At Sea Episode 2: The Ruins Of Rapture

Bioshock Infinite Burial at Sea Episode 2 140x

Burial at Sea Episode 2 is the next DLC chapter for Bioshock: Infinite. Arriving SOON (no confirmed date as of…

No, Cliff Bleszinski Is Not Working On Gears Of War Again

Cliff Bleszinski CliffyB Headshot 140x

After Microsoft announced the acquisition of the Gears of War franchise from Epic Games this morning, many a mind turned…

Microsoft Sold 3.9 Million Xbox One Consoles In 2013

Xbox One Money 140x

…and 7.4 million Xbox 360′s!

Video: Decimating Aliens In COD: Ghosts Extinction: Episode One

Call of Duty Ghosts Nightfall Episode One 140x


Rockstar Adds Ten New Jobs To Grand Theft Auto 5

GTA5 01222013 140x

On the hunt for more racing and deathmatch work in Grand Theft Auto 5? Rockstar added ten new “Rockstar Verified”…

Tomb Raider “Was In The Black” By The End Of 2013


Tomb Raider is a puzzle wrapped in an enigma trapped in an 8x8x8 Rubix Cube. Released in March 2013, it…

Bethesda & 2K Are Teaming Up On $29.99 Game Bundles

Borderlands 2 and Dishonored Bundle PS3 140x

Bundles! Bundles! Bundles!

Game Front Podcast #17: Double Fine, Net Neutrality & SimCity


Another Friday means another episode of the Game Front podcast! On this week’s installment, we first explain our shiny new…

Be Concerned: Appeals Court Ruling Kneecaps Open Internet


Not to freak anyone out, but now may be a good time to think about panicking. This morning, the United…

James vs. Games 47 – Aban Hawkins and the 1000 Spikes

james vs games teaser thumb

This week, Mitch doesn’t have a horrifying immediate consequence for failure as he did last week, so regular ole humiliation…

Man at Arms: Sephiroth’s Seven Foot Katana


Every couple of weeks, Tony Swatton builds another awesome weapon on Man at Arms. This week, he’s reached into the…

State of Decay Dev Extends Deal With Microsoft


On the blog for State of Decay developers Undead Labs, studio founder Jeff Strain revealed that they’ve extended whatever deal…

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