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Xbox Live Service Alert Issued For Xbox 360 and Xbox One


Microsoft has a released an Xbox Live “service alert” for Xbox 360 and Xbox One describing a series of services…

New Xbox Gold Account Exemptions Won’t Include MMOs

Elder Scrolls Online

Playing MMOs and free-to-play games still requires Gold subscription on Xbox hardware. That at least, is the message from Xbox…

Microsoft May No Longer Require Gold for Streaming Apps (CONFIRMED)

xbox live 1 thumb

UPDATE: Microsoft has confirmed that many streaming apps will no longer require a Gold membership. In a post on the…

Major Nelson: Xbox Live Sign-In Issues Not Related to Titanfall

titanfall thumb

Players can’t sign in to play Titanfall on Xbox One, but Microsoft says it’s working on the issue.

Sleeping Dogs Now Free to Xbox Live Gold Members on 360


Microsoft is taking a page from Sony’s PlayStation Plus playbook and making it worth it to shell out for an…

Report: NSA, CIA Spying in Online Games Like World of Warcraft


Big brother really is everywhere and going places even George Orwell didn’t imagine — places like Azeroth. A detailed story…

Here Are All The Apps Launching With The Xbox One & PS4

Xbox One Logo Green 140x

  Microsoft has confirmed which entertainment apps will be available on the Xbox One when it launches on November 22nd….

Video: Microsoft Shows Off Xbox One Friends App

Xbox One Logo Green 140x

Major Nelson breaks down the new Friends App for the Xbox One

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Review – An Emotional Journey


Brothers packs an emotional punch in its story, but does it still make for a good game?

The Walking Dead Ep. 1 is Free on XBLA

walking dead 2 thumb

If you haven’t played it, this is a good way to give it a go.

RAGE DLC ‘The Scorchers’ Coming Tomorrow

rage the scorchers thumb

A year later, RAGE gets new DLC, plus additional tweaks to the title.

3D Super Meat Boy Prototype Being Ransomed for Charity


The twist: the fellow is holding his own prototype ransom.

Deadlight Review: Platforming, Zombies a Good Mix

deadlight 4 thumb

The game itself is a little thin, but fleeing zombies through platforming in Deadlight is a fun idea.

Mark of the Ninja PC Review: Great Stealth Hampered by Controls

Good Night thumb

The PC keyboard controls lack a bit in precision, but Mark of the Ninja’s stealth is still first-class.

Worms: Revolution Funfair Pack DLC Out Tomorrow

worms revolution thumb

If you’re into this.

Former Ubisoft Devs Form New Studio


First up, a horror game.

Scarlett to Stab You in the Back in Borderlands 2 DLC (TRAILER)

borderlands 2 captain scarlet 1 thumb

At least she’s up front about it.

PSA: Walking Dead Ep. 4 on PSN Today; Steam, Xbox Wednesday

walking dead ep 4 thumb

Have to wait just a little while longer.

Minecraft on Xbox 360 Could Get a Few of ‘Best’ PC Mods

minecraft indiana jones thumb

They’ll have to be “tailored” to the Xbox 360 version.

Terraria Coming To XBLA and PSN


And this is awesome.

And Now, A New Realms of Ancient War Trailer


It’s wizardy.

Realms of Ancient War Release Date Announced


And it’s soon.

Battlefield 3 ‘Armored Kill’ DLC Hits PS3 Today

battlefield 3 flying thumb

If you’re a Battlefield Premium subscriber, that is.

Modern Warfare 3 Content Pack 4 Brings Five (Final) New Maps

modern warfare 3 parish thumb

It’s the last batch.

Xbox Live Getting Its First F2P Title in Happy Wars

happy wars thumb

Free-to-play sweeps another bastion of paid gaming.

Hines: ‘We Have Not Announced Dawnguard for Any Other Platforms’

VampiricGrip thumb

Bad news if you’ve been waiting patiently for Dawnguard.

Seattle Indies Expo Is This Sunday: Enjoy The Trailer


This looks like a great way to spend a Sunday.

Microsoft: ‘We Offered to Work with Polytron’ on Fez Patch Cost

fez thumb

Apparently, Microsoft didn’t want the cost of the patch to block the patch.

Realms Of Ancient War Due September, New Trailer Released


Hack and slash and blooooooom.

Mass Effect 3 Earth Multiplayer DLC Coming Next Week


And it’s free.

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