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PSA: Start Downloading the Mass Effect 3 Ending DLC on Xbox Now

mass effect 3 reapers thumb

Look for our coverage today and throughout the week.

Side-Scrolling Puzzler Pid is This Year’s LIMBO

Pid_Screenshot_attic_3 thumb

Another great 2-D puzzle-platformer is on the horizon.

Damn, Indie Game Xing Looks Gorgeous (TRAILER)


Check out the trailer to see why.

Speaking Of Lego, Lego Batman 2 Demo Is Up On XBLA


In case this matters to you.

How to Move Your PC Skyrim Save to Xbox 360 for Dawnguard

Gargoyle thumb

If you want to play Dawnguard a month earlier than everyone else, here’s how to get your save file to your Xbox to do it.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Will Run You $15

counter strike beta thumb

We’ve got the release date, too.

Watch Game Front’s Tour Of Microsoft’s E3 2012 Booth


And laugh a lot.

Sign up for the Skyrim: Dawnguard Xbox 360 Beta Now

skyrim dawnguard thumb

Sign up to play Dawnguard, like, soonish.

Zen Studios Announces CastleStorm, First Trailer Released


Build and destroy castles. With Vikings.

Modern Warfare 3 Content Collection 2 Hits Xbox Live

modern warfare 3 content collection 2 thumb

Ready for more MW3 maps?

Grab Some Free Max Payne 3 Multiplayer DLC

max payne 3 dlc gorilla thumb

Get your gorilla mask on!

Minecraft on Xbox 360 Surpasses 1 Million Sales

minecraft 2 thumb

Wow that was fast.

Watch Minecraft: Xbox Stream, Maybe Win Notch-Signed Xbox

minecraft show 216 thumb

See Minecraft in action on Xbox 360.

PSA: Get Your Spec Ops: The Line Demo on XBL, PSN

spec ops the line thumb

Sorry, no PC demo, though.

Bethesda Reveals ‘Dawnguard’ Skyrim DLC (With No Details)

skyrim dawnguard thumb

It’s coming this summer and exclusive to Xbox 360, at least for a while.

PSA: The Excellent Fez Soundtrack Is Available NOW!


Go and spend money people!

Kingdoms of Amalur Gets Second DLC Pack, Teeth of Naros

kingdoms of amalur teeth of naros thumb

Get your 10 bucks ready.

I Am Alive Review

i am alive 2 thumb

Weak combat, a drab presentation and a weak

Fez Review


Long story short: If you don’t pick this up the second it’s available, you’re a fool.

Check Out The First 20 Minutes of Fez (VIDEO)

fez thumb

Mitch and James give Fez a whirl.

Rock Band Blitz Announced, Silly


Sorry, but it’s true.

Minecraft Has Earned 80 Million Dollars Since 2010


Put in perspective, that’s a lot.

Report: Microsoft’s Next Xbox Will Drop the Disc Drive

skeptical hippo thumb

Not sure I’m buying this one.

Activision Launches First DLC Bundle for Modern Warfare 3 on March 20 on Xbox Live

modern warfare 3 overwatch thumb

It’s all the DLC Elite subscribers have been able to get, in one convenient package for everyone else.

Volition’s Next Saints Row: The Third DLC Has Vampires (TRAILER)

saints row vampire thumb

And not the bulls–t sparkly kind, either. The katana-wielding kind.

Whoops! XBLA ‘Accidentally’ Reveals Huge Mass Effect 3 DLC Spoiler

mass effect 3 dlc screen grabthumb

Needless to say, SUPER DUPER SPOILER ALERT inside. DO NOT CLICK if you don’t want to have something major spoiled for you.

Everybody Can Try the Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Demo Now

mass effect 3 multi 1 thumb

Gang up with your buddies to battle Cerberus.

Players Say Gotham City Impostors Keeps Resetting Their Data

gotham city imposters 1 thumb

That’s unfortunate.

Mass Effect 3 Demo Impressions: Single Player Campaign On XBLA


With two weeks to go before the release of Mass Effect 3, BioWare has released the single player and multiplayer…

Mojang is Bored of Minecraft Clones, Has No Plans to Sue FortressCraft Dev

minecraft indiana jones thumb

Mojang just does not care about people who rip them off.

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