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Timeline Shows Minecraft’s Rise from Notch’s Idea to Minecon (INFOGRAPHIC)

minecraft infographic main thumb

See the story of Minecraft in one convenient graphic.

PSA: Xbox Live Arcade Version of Minecraft is at Minecon, and We’re Gonna Try It

minecraft xbox thumb

Hands-on time is coming later today!

Le Rumor! French Site Claims Next Gen Xbox Will Be At CES


Guess I know what I’ll be doing in January.

At Last! Microsoft Lets You Cancel Your XBLA Gold Membership!


You ever try to quit Xbox Live Gold? It’s a lot like trying to drop AOL service – or so…

Alan Wake Wears Flannel in Alan Wake: Night Springs (PIC)

alan wake night springs thumb

The game’s looking deserty.

Call of Duty Elite Is Now Available On Xbox Live


And at midnight tonight, that’ll mean something!

Not Content With Making Gross Pro-Vegetarian Porn, PETA Attempts To Ruin Battlefield 3 Too


Apparently, the simulated killing of a rat is totally more offensive than the simulated murder of hordes of Iranians.

Fergusson Justifies Selling You Content That’s Already On Your Gears of War 3 Disc

gears 3 dlc blood drive thumb

He basically says they had space and time, so they threw the DLC on the disc to make things easier.

Warhammer 40k: Space Marine DLC Coming in December

space marine 1 thumb

It’s pretty cheap and feature-laden, too.

Gears of War 3 Horde Mode DLC Gets Held Back By ‘Technical Difficulties’

gears 3 horde thumb

No word on when your first Season Pass DLC pack will be available.

The War of the Worlds – Launch Trailer


Neat! Patrick Stewart versus the Martians!

Defenders of Ardania Mixes RTS Sensibilities with Tower Defense (PREVIEW)

defenders of ardania 1 thumb

The foundation is tower defense, but adding elements like attacking, leveling up, hero units and magic makes Defenders of Ardania pretty deep.

Players, Including Activision’s Social Media Manager, Report Xbox Live Accounts Hacked

hackers 1 thumb

Watch out for charges to your account from FIFA games.

Microsoft Game Studios Snaps Up ‘Splosion Man Maker Twisted Pixel

splosion man 2

MS doesn’t want to mess with the indie studio, though. Hopefully that stays true.

The War of the Worlds – Arthur Diary #3: Tripod Attack


More Patrick Stewart versus the martians!

Gotham City Imposters Gets a Weird Animated Trailer

gotham city imposters 1 thumb

It’s like a Wyle E. Coyote cartoon but more violent.

Big Bethesda DLC Sale on Xbox Live Right Now

mr mochi thumb

Catch up on years-old expansions to years-old games.

The War of the Worlds – Arthur Diary #2: Hyde Park


I”m curious how H.G. Welles this game is going to do. Get it? GET IT?

Awesomenauts – Clunk Showcase Trailer


Find out if they’re really Awesomnauts, or just Adequatenauts.

PSA: 2 Sweet Portal 2 Deals For Portal 2 Fans


Free DLC and a deep discount on Steam. Seriously, y’all are getting hooked up.

You Can Now Download NBA JAM: On Fire Edition, and Here’s a Trailer to Convince You

nba jam on fire thumb

If you like playing basketball online using players with giant heads, EA has something you should watch.

Three New Maps coming in Gears of War 3 Horde Mode DLC

gears 3 dlc blood drive thumb

If you’ve got the Gears Season Pass, this is your first of four DLC packs.

New to Battlefield 3? This Trailer Will Introduce You to the Open Beta

battlefield 3 thumb

Get up to speed, kind of, with the help of DICE.

Free Portal 2 DLC Drops on Oct. 4 with Single-Player and Co-Op Challenge Mode

portal 2 test chamber thumb

The best part of Portal 1 finally makes its way to the sequel.

Little Kid Assaulted By Creepy Old Guy Over Call Of Duty Pwning


Finally, Call of Duty has driven someone other than gaming critics to violence!

James, Mitch and Zach Take on the Battlefield 3 Beta (VIDEO)

battlefield 3 1 thumb

Our video team gives you a first look at the Battlefield 3 beta.

PSA: Battlefield 3 Beta Open to All on All Platforms Today

battlefield 3 2 thumb

Go download it. Immediately.

MLB Bobblehead Battle – Launch Trailer


Bobblehead battling batters battle beautifully!

Mercury Hg is Gooey (TRAILER)

mercury hg thumn

This $5 downloadable title hits the PSN and Xbox Live this week.

Orcs Must Die! – Robot Entertainment Developer Diary


NOTE: Gamefront does not endorse the wholesale slaughter of all Orcs. Only the annoying ones.

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