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When Good Games Are Too Hard

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Gods Will Be Watching recently implemented its Mercy update, adding new gameplay modes that scaled back its difficulty and the…

Firaxis To Reveal New AAA Title This Saturday


Firaxis announcing new AAA title this Saturday at PAX East. 2k Games announced on their official blog that a new…

X-COM Creator Julian Gollop Wants a Mobile Laser Squad Nemesis


Julian Gollop wanted randomly generated maps in the new XCOM, too. Gollop, creator of the original X-COM, is currently trying…

Chaos Reborn is Julian Gollop’s New (Old) Game


Julian Gollop has a new game in the works. That name alone is enough to pique many a gamer’s interest….

Act Now, Final Hours of Steam Holiday Sale


You’ve got until 2 p.m. Eastern today to save big bucks on some of the very best games of the…

Game Front Podcast #10: PS4, Killzone, Fallout 4, EA’s Used Games

killzone shadow fall podcast thumb

After a week with the PS4, we talk about our thoughts on the console and some of its games, as well as how awesome XCOM: Enemy Within is, what’s up with EA’s stance on used games, and the possibility of Fallout 4.

Amazon Keeps Cheap Train Rolling With Black Friday Deals Week

amazon logo 140x

  Black Friday is coming! Along with the anticipated deaths of millions waiting in line for ridiculous deals at the…

Cloak & Laser — Hands-on With XCOM: Enemy Within


Guys vs. Spies vs Aliens.

The XCOM: Enemy Within is Us — Details and Trailer


I wonder if EXALT is the XCOM universe version of the NRA? Firaxis dropped some new details about the upcoming…

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Gets Steam Free Weekend


The XCOM: Enemy Within expansion is set for release in just over a month (Nov. 12), making now a terrific…

Mechs! XCOM: Enemy Within Gameplay Demo


Oh, hell yes. My squad of veteran alien fighters will be getting a nice little pre-holiday gift, courtesy of the…

XCOM Dev Firaxis Confirms New Game to be Shown at Gamescom


Firaxis is working on an all new game that’s likely to be related to XCOM.

Take-Two Q3 Investor Call: Yeah, They’re Rich


They’re really rich.

Firaxis on Some of XCOM’s Weaknesses


A mea culpa from Jake Solomon.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown’s Free Second Wave DLC Releases Today


Adds 16 game-changing options.

Steam Holiday Sale Extended Through Weekend

steam thumb

You second chance is coming this weekend!

Snag XCOM: Enemy Unknown Today for Half Off

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This is a price of which you should take advantage.

Game Front’s 2012 Arbitrary Awards


Here at Game Front, as at many outlets, we come up with our favorite games in a variety of categories…

Game Front’s Game of the Year 2012

gameoftheyearawards thumb

Game Front’s top five games of the year, plus the top 10 games as chosen by readers.

Games You Should Have Played in 2012, But Probably Didn’t

natural selection 2 12 thumb

Some great games got overshadowed this year. Time to turn the lights on.

Game Front’s 2012 Game, Indie & Mod of the Year Nominees


See our nominees, and place your vote!

Xcom: Enemy Unknown’s Memorial Wall Is Silly

xcom enemy unknown pc thumb

But funny.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown’s Slingshot DLC Gets a Trailer

xcom slingshot thumb

Check out XCOM’s new DLC in video form.

Original X-Com Creator Calls XCOM “Addictive and Absorbing”


Praise from Caesar.

XCOM: Enemy Unkown DLC Has Players Recruiting a Triad

xcom slingshot thumb

Three new missions are coming.

XCOM: Horror in Helplessness and Turn-Based Strategy


Stepping into the unknown in XCOM, with your valuable team of vulnerable soldiers, can be a frightening experience.

Find All The Best Black Friday Deals for Gamers

dishonored 2 thumb

Looking for Black Friday deals? Here’s a good starting point.

Steam Thanksgiving Sale Kicks Off with 50% Off Walking Dead

walking dead 2 thumb

This weekend, stuff your face and empty your wallet.

Borderlands 2 Has Sold Over 5 Million Copies


XCOM: Enemy Unknown “proving to be a critical and commercial success.”

Damn, The XCOM Warspace Extension Mod Is Giant

xcom enemy unknown pc thumb

It’s giant.

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