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XCOM: Enemy Unknown Getting Two Single-Player DLC Packs

xcom enemy unknown pc thumb

We’re heading to China.

Xcom Second Wave Mod Adds Advance Campaign Options

xcom enemy unknown pc thumb

And it’s awesome.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Steam Achievements Hint at DLC


Asian coastal, or Terror from the Deep?

XCOM Update Brings 1080p Movies, Fixes Other Issues

xcom enemy unknown pc thumb

Yay, updates!

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Mods We’d Like to See


Modders, we love you. Please make this happen.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown – Secret Hero Units


Rename your XCOM agents to gain powerful new allies.

Unlock XCOM: Enemy Unknown’s 1080p Cinematics with This Trick


Just rename the files. Ta-da!

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Beginner’s Guide


Kill E.T. better.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown .ini Tweaks


Get your tweak on.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Review


Turn-based like you’ve never seen it before.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Walkthrough


Take our advice; be wary of crashed UFOs.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Cheats


Roll out the welcoming committee.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Achievements


Crush the alien invader on the X-box 360.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Trophies


Show these invading aliens who’s boss.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Launch Trailer is Flashy

xcom enemy unknown 1 thumb

There seems to be an abnormal amount of bass in here.

Watch An Xcom Dev Try Selling The Game Early

xcom enemy unknown 1 thumb

It’s not as thrilling as it sounds.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Preview – Close Encounters of the Best Kind


Close encounters of the most awesome kind.

Give XCOM: Enemy Unknown a Whirl with a Steam Demo

xcom enemy unknown 1 thumb

Go try it out.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown’s PC Version Has Features Consoles Don’t

xcom enemy unknown pc thumb

Sounds like the PC version will be the one to have.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Now Available for Digital Pre-Orders

xcom enemy unknown thumb

More pre-orders mean more rewards.

XCOM Dev Concerned About “The Hipster Effect”


It’s kind of a cool observation.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Multiplayer Revealed


Series’ first.

10 Awesome PC Games Still Coming in 2012


What games do you have to look forward to throughout the rest of the year?

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Elite Soldier Pack Details


Slick cosmetic items.

XCOM E3 Preview: Bring in the Pros


Close Encounters of the Violent Kind.

Game Front’s Guide to E3 (GRAPHIC)


Check out the games of E3.

XCOM: Unknown Enemy is Coming in October

xcom enemy unknown thumb

Hey, at least one XCOM game is still coming this year.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Preview: Combining Classic Gameplay With Modern Graphics


The aliens are coming, and they’re from the 90s!

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Seeks to Recapture the Series’ Former Glory (VID)


G.I. Joe action figure soldiers!

PAX East 2012 Preview: The Big Games List


Check out our 2012 coverage plan!

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