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Phil and Phil vs. Horror Featuring Daylight – Part 2 (VIDEO)

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We’re still lost in mazes in Daylight, but this time we’re more likely to get murdered by scary ghosts.

Help Us Terrorize Mitch in Daylight on Twitch (UPDATE)

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We’re trying to figure out Daylight’s secret Twitch commands so we can better scare Mitchell, and we need your help.

Daylight Review: Once More Into the Dark

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Providing procedurally generated mazes filled with ghosts, Daylight delivers lots of scares and tension, even if it’s fairly similar to many other games in the current horror crop.

Phil and Phil vs. Horror: Daylight (VIDEO)

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There’s something hunting us in (another) creepy abandoned hospital in Daylight.

Horror Game Daylight Delayed to “Fine Tune” Scares


We were hoping to get our hands on Zombie Studios’ (Blacklight: Retribution) procedurally generated horror game next week. But on…

Blacklight: Retribution Changes Gun Handling, Stats System


I just have to know how many shots I miss.

Zombie Studios Next Game Uses Unreal 4



Special Forces: Team X – “Casual-Core” Multiplayer

special forces featured

Plus, cel-shading automatically makes your game 25% more awesome.

Surprise Flamethrower! Blacklight Retribution Dev Diary Shows You How



Learn “How to Cook a Mech” in this Blacklight Retribution Trailer


Coming Spring 2012 to The Food Network.