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Zynga Lays Off 15 Percent Of Workforce, Buys NaturalMotion

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Zynga announced significant layoffs today, as well as the acquisition of British software company NaturalMotion. The Zynga workforce has been…

Zynga Founder Is Bored With Video Games; Gamers Reciprocate

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That’s funny, because plenty of gamers are bored with Zynga.

Steve Ballmer on Don Mattrick’s Departure, Xbox One Strategy


Once again, we find Microsoft dominating the news cycle with the announcement this afternoon that Don Mattrick has left his…

Don Mattrick Leaves Microsoft to Become Zynga CEO


The Xbox One always-online champion is headed to a company built on always-on, and Microsoft loses much of its E3 baggage.

EA: Zynga Collapse Doesn’t Mean Social Gaming Dead


I’m… skeptical.

Why Facebook Games Fail: A Lack of Fun

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The trouble with Facebook games is that they’re designed to trick you into spending money, not to deliver fun.

EA Files Lawsuit Against Zynga for Copyright Infringement


Better settle, Zynga.

You’re No Better than Zynga


Why companies who think they’re above the downfall of FarmVille better hope they’ve got a safety net.

Zynga Stock Falling After $1 Billion Initial Public Offering

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It’s all over the place, I guess. Hope you didn’t buy Zynga stock — analysts are not being positive on it.

Zynga Files for $1 Billion IPO

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Think of all the virtual crops you could harvest with scratch like that.

Zynga Pursuing Cease & Desist Over Use of ‘Ville in ‘Blingville’

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Meanwhile, social game maker Blingville is trying to get a declaratory judgment against Zynga to dismiss the case and get its lawyer fees paid.

Activision, Zynga Sued Over Gaming Tournaments Patent

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The company behind the guy who co-invented also has a patent that says it invented online gaming tournaments.