Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Game Guide

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  • Fight Lab
  • Arcade
  • Survival
  • Time Attack
  • Ghost Battle
  • How to Make Easy Fight Money
  • Fight Lab

    The fight lab is where you’ll want to begin your Tekken Tag 2 career. Here, you’ll learn the most important gameplay features of Tekken Tag 2 in five stages. The difficulty is totally variable, and each stage will teach you something new.

    In every mission, you’ll play as the Combot. As you gain experience, you’ll be able to purchase new moves for Combot. In your first round through each mission, you won’t need to purchase anything — you’ll have all the abilities needed to succeed.

    Just as a precaution, we’ll go through each of the Fight Lab Stages, just to give some tips and pointers — most are very simple, but they get more difficulty at each stage.

    Stage 1:

    Here, you’ll learn basic movement inputs and attack commands. Just follow the instructions on screen, and perform each action three times.

    When Violet asks you to move “all four limbs” press each of the face buttons. The four face buttons are set to each limb — left punch, right punch, left kick, right kick.

    During the second chapter, you’ll need to follow his commands as he says them — it only gets tricky when Ganryu launches himself at you from offscreen! Sidestep if you’re able to spot him, and try not get the correct input. If you’re quick, you’ll finish before Ganryu can defeat you.

    At the Boss Battle, you’ll have to deal with long-range heroes shooting at you. To win, you’ll need to use all of your newly learned movement abilities.

    One thing to note; every hero is easy to defeat once you reach them. Attack once to knock them down, then use a low kick. Each low kick will stun the hero on the ground, letting you get in another low kick while they’re down. Repeat the process and you’ll defeat each of the three.

    The first hero will shoot at you with a laser, with bomb balloons strewn across the field. To get close, simply inch forward, then sidestep to get around the bombs and lasers.

    For the second part, you’ll only have a narrow lane to reach the hero. Rush forward and duck under or jump over the attacks, then use a forward jump to get across the bomb. You’ll likely need to duck again before you’re able to get closer enough to finish the hero off.

    The last hero is behind several lines of bombs. He’ll try to drop grenades or bombs in your path, but you’ll have more room to sidestep. Use sidestep to avoid his attacks, and don’t rush into the grenades he throws.

    Stage 2:

    During this stage, you’ll learn how to use high, mid, and low attacks. You’ll also learn about homing attacks. The Mishima Soldiers will jump down, each with a colored marker. Red equals high, yellow mid, and blue low — you can only defeat each enemy with the correct input.

    Violet will remind you which buttons to use, but beware that these Soldiers will fight back. Prepare to guard if they get close.

    Later, the soldier will get tougher; a foot or fist icon will appear over their markers, indicating you’ll need to punch or kick at high, mid, or low to defeat them. Especially look out for Purple Soldiers, as their markers will switch mid-fight.

    Defeat enough, and enemies with silver markers will appear. These you’ll need to hit several times to break — and watch for their level, you can only damage the silver marker if you hit them with the correct level of attack.

    Last, you’ll find enemies with an icon of a small man throwing another. That’s your cue to use a throw.

    The second chapter is purely a test of your skill. The only trouble comes in the form of enemies with bomb icons. If you hit these bomb icons, they’ll explode and damage you. Play defensively and don’t rush each enemy. Wait to see if they have bomb icons, back away, and mentally prepare the correct input.

    The boss here is a Jack-6 robot. To defeat the robot, you’ll need to hit each marker as it appears — just be wary, if you miss, the Jack-6 will counter and damage you. If you play carefully and don’t attack randomly, this Jack-6 won’t be a problem. Avoid just attacking the Jack, and you’ll pull through.

    The first Jack isn’t a problem, but the second Jack has bomb markers and punch/kick specific abilities. The final Jack is covered in silver guard markers, forcing you to break all three. It’ll take about three hits, high/mid/low to break all three.

    To defeat the third Jack, make sure to only break the active guard markers. If you attack an area that’s already been broken, Jack will counter.

    The third Jack will also attempt to attack you on his own. He only uses slow attacks, just watch where he holds his fist out and guard.

    Stage 3:

    This training excercise starts with teaching you how to block. It’s pretty simple, while standing you can guard against medium and high attacks, while crouching you’ll guard against low attacks and high attacks will pass over your head.

    Soon, Tekken Force soldiers will arrive. The first set will attack medium and low, while the second set attack low only. You don’t have to actually block, you can just charge in and one hit will send each soldier flying.

    It isn’t until the last of the soldiers in this section that you have to to change your stance. The last soldier will use switch-up combos, attacking medium one or twice before finishing with a low. He’ll guard against your attacks, so you’ll need to quickly counter-attack after you successfully guard against his combo.

    Next, you’ll be crushed by a giant man, just to show there are some slow unblockable attacks. You can always spot them by their charge time and red glow.

    Another attack you can’t guard against is the throw. You can crouch to avoid, or grab at the same time to initiate a throw escape.

    Here, you’ll have to throw escape several times in a row. To pull them off, you’ll need to grab just as the AI’s hands lay on your character — not when you see their animation begin. Wait until both hands are on your character, then press grab to escape.

    Next to learn about are punisher attacks. After guarding against a large combo or powerful attack, attack immediately to deal extra damage to the AI and catch them vulnerable.

    To pull a punisher off, you’ll need to attack before the AI’s animation is complete. Attack right after the AI’s attack lands.

    Next, you’ll have to find three different versions of Tekken soldiers. Blue will try to throw you, throw them instead just as their hands reach you. Red enemies can only be defeated by punishers, and green requires you to block and attack.

    The Green enemies you won’t need to worry about actually blocking or doing anything special. Just attack, one hit past through guard will send them flying.

    At the end, you’ll have to defeat a strange Octopus woman. The trickiest part here is defending against the throws. The best indicator for pressing throw to throw escape is the purple plume of energy that appears just as a the throw connects.


    Here, you’ll need to fight three Mokujins that can only be damaged through punishers. The trick here is knowing how to guard their mix-up combos.

    After you defeat each Mokujin, you’ll need to spin them around to build a meter to reach the highlighted spot, then stop the second meter. This is just for score, so if you only want to win, just press [A/X] immediately for each mini-game to throw. It’s a good idea to try to spin them around a little bit, otherwise the Mokujin will land on your character.

    The first Mokujin will only attack with a high-medium-combo, or a medium-medium-low combo. Watch out for the low combo, if you see it coming you’ll have no problem landing punishers.

    The second Mokujin will add to the first by using throws. When standing near the pink Mokujin, prepare to throw escape just as the purple plume appears.

    The last of the Mokujins is just a faster and tougher version of the last two.

    Stage 4:

    Here, you’ll learn about launchers. Follow the input commands to practice launchers. Launch the knight, then attack as they fall. Now you know the concept behind aerial combos.

    For the next series of AI, you’ll need to launch then attack 2 times, then 3 times, then 4 times while they hang midair. Use your Left Punch to quickly attack and keep the opponent in air after launching.

    Next up, you’ll learn how to launch then bound. While bound, you’ll be able to launch ground-combos against the downed opponent. Bound opponents are very vulnerable to attack, and won’t have a chance to block.

    Just follow the prompts. Launch, bound, then attack. Following that; launch, bound, and knock-back.

    For the next chapter, you’ll learn how to use stage gimmicks like breaking through walls, ceilings and floors. This is all pretty self-explanatory, just use bound attacks to break through floors, and knock-backs to break balconies and walls.

    When breaking through the wall, use a knock-back then a launcher. When breaking through the balcony, use a knock-back then a launcher. To break the floor, launch then bound, then attack again with any move.

    Next, you just need to follow Violet’s instructions.


    For the boss, there are many changes to the way this area works. First, only aerial combos will damage the AI.

    This is one of the easiest bosses. All you need to do is side-step all three AI opponent’s thrown weapons, then hit them with a launcher.

    Once they’re in the air, use bound. The increased bound stats will bounce them in the air. Just keep using the same move to bound the AI to the floor, and they’ll bounce back up. You’ll be able to take off half their health bar if you can manage to time it right, or their entire health bar if you’re really good.

    Stage 5:

    The last of the Fight Labs is also one of the easiest — when you get the hang of Tag Play.

    First, you’ll learn just how to switch partners. Do as Violent says, the scenario will get trickier later. First you’ll learn how to accomplish Tag Throws. These are an easy way to switch if your opponent is being careless.

    Tag Combo is next. After launching, you can immediately switch to your partner and attack the mid-air opponent.

    Last is the Tag Assault. This is the only really tricky move out of the three. To pull this off, launch the AI then press a Tag button while launching a bound attack. Doing so will summon your Tag partner, applying your button inputs to both of them.

    When you use a Tag Assault, hold down the Tag button to have your tag partner automatically launch attacks without needing complex inputs from you.

    To defeat the group of Red Tekken soldiers, you’ll need to use Tag Assault.

    For the second Chapter, you’ll fight what feels like an endless amount of Tekken Soldiers. To defeat the Red Soldiers, you’ll need to use Tag Assault, to defeat the Green soldiers you’ll need to use Tag Combos, and to defeat the Blue Soldiers you’ll need to use the Tag Throw.


    Three more AI opponents, each more difficult than the last. Still, if you can pull of Tag Assaults with Auto-Assists consistently, this won’t be a difficult series of battles.

    Against the first Ken-analogue, you’ll need to use Tag Combo until he begins to float. When he’s hanging in mid-air, use Tag Assault to finish him off.

    When the Ryu-analogue appears, use the same tactic. This time you won’t need to switch, just use the Tag Assault to fight and finish Ryu off.

    Last is Akuma, and the same technique works. Use Tag Assault to defeat him.

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