Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Game Guide

Table of Contents

  • Fight Lab
  • Arcade
  • Survival
  • Time Attack
  • Ghost Battle
  • How to Make Easy Fight Money
  • Arcade

    To unlock the ending movies for each character, you’ll need to either play all the way through Arcade with each of the 52+ starting characters, or play through Ghost Mode. Find out more about Ghost Mode in the following pages.

    Arcade Mode can be a real problem for casual Tekken fans, mostly due to the increase in difficulty if you play with a character that’s risen in rank. Always try to finish Arcade Mode first, before taking your practiced fighter to Ghost or any of the other modes outside Practice.

    Why? Because the final boss is a huge hassle. The rest of the opponents are manageable on Medium if you’ve been training and have a few choice combos memorized. Tekken Tag is all about combos and air-juggling, so that’s what you’ll want to remember most.

    It’s also important to look for launches, bounds, and spin-attacks. Launches will allow you to quickly switch teammates, just hit a Tag button right after landing a launch.

    After launching, you can then bound — a move that plows enemies into the ground. Learn all about Tag Crashes, and the accompanying launches and bounds, in Stage 5 of the Fight Lab. There you can get in some easy practice, and make plenty of easy Fight Money.

    Then, it’s just about picking out the right characters that work for you. This might take time and patience, it’s important to test out any of the fighters that fascinate you and run through their moves in Practice.

    Remember, in Practice you can choose to watch the combos. It’ll show you when each key needs to be pressed.

    The problem with Arcade mode isn’t in the first six battles against the AI. They can be tough, but if you’re having too many problems, just remember to set the Difficulty to Easy in the Start Menu. Then, it’s just all about proper guarding, and knowing when to counter-attack.

    By the seventh battle, Arcade Mode gets difficult. The last three boss battles are; 7th: Jinpachi & Heihachi, Ogre, and Jun followed by Unknown.

    Jinpachi and Heihachi are a standard Tekken Tag brawl, just beefed up.

    Ogre, due to his slow speed, is actually a beatable opponent. Just go all out with your attacks to bring him down, don’t give Ogre time to fight back and you can bring him down with ease.

    Be aware, when fighting Ogre and the final battle, you’ll have to bring their health and scratch damage to zero. Usually you’ll only need to bring their health bar to zero, but the last bosses have some extra advantages.

    The problems don’t come until you have to fight Jun and Unknown.

    One important ability that is often overlooked are Preset Combos. For each character, you can set some Preset Combos they’ll launch into with just a single button press that you can map on your controller. Thankfully, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is actually light on button inputs, giving you a handful of options to make your life easier.

    With your favorite characters, set two or so Preset Combos, and use them when you break Jun or Unknown’s guard, or after launching. Most 10-hit or more combos will propel the fighter forward, keeping your AI opponent locked in the air until it’s complete.

    Any move that sends Jun or Unknown backwards will confuse the AI. Once you send them flying, they’ll immediately try dash toward you, leaving them open. If you time it right, the AI won’t know how to respond as you continuously launch them backwards, let them run toward you, then launch them back again while they’re still dashing. It takes timing, but there’s not much the low-level AI will do.

    One of Unknown’s deadliest attacks is when she forms a white energy tube on the battlefield. When you see this, side-step far away around it, and make sure you don’t step in it.

    Unfortunately, Unknown will try to knock you into it. If that happens, your currently selected character will have their entire health bar converted into scratch damage, and you’ll switch partners.

    Theoretically, the lost partner can regain their entire health bar from the moment they were caught in the trap, but it’s more likely they’ll have to sit out the rest of the fight.

    Both Jun and Unknown are very fast, with powerful combos and sharp reflexes. It’ll take a few tries, and you won’t be able to easily spam your way through this fight.

    If all you want to do is win and don’t care about which characters you finish with, check out our spamming advice in the “Survival” and “Time Attack” modes.

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