Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Game Guide

Table of Contents

  • Fight Lab
  • Arcade
  • Survival
  • Time Attack
  • Ghost Battle
  • Survival

    Survival Mode is all based on skill. The only way to do well is by getting in tons of practice. Complete Arcade Mode and fight Ghosts for awhile to get in some real practice.

    But, if you want to blitz through Survival Mode and unlock the Achievement/Trophy “Proof of Your Existence” without much effort, you’ll have two options.

    To crush the AI, there are two moves you can use to win easily. Jun/Asuka and Angel are the best options.

    For most players, the Jun/Asuka team is your best bet. Use the [Back+LK, RK, RK, RK] ability both of the fighters share to take down the AI fast.

    You’ll be amazed how effective this technique is. Play defensively and keep your distance. After the first kick, the next three are low. If you’re close to the downed AI, use your combo to kick them up into the air and follow up.

    The AI will often try to roll toward you, making a very easy target for the combo. If the AI is far enough away, and you know they’ll get back up, initiate the combo to hit them with the three low kicks — they’ll travel far forward, letting you knock the AI down all over again.

    As useful as this method is, it’ll still take practice.

    Another easy method; use Angel’s Laser with [LP+RP]. The trickiest part of this method is at the very start of each battle. The laser attack takes time to charge and fire, leaving Angel vulnerable.

    You’ll need to put space between you and the AI. Either knock them down, or get back. Often, you’ll need to defend against their first salvo of attacks.

    To almost guarantee a win every time, you’ll only need to land one laser on the AI. Each laser attack sends the AI flying back, but it’s very high. The important thing to remember is, to always hit after the first blast; wait for the AI to get knocked down, then time your laser to hit just as the AI gets back up.

    There’s a single frame where the AI will have to stand straight up before they can duck. During that moment, you’ll always hit the AI as they stand up.

    At higher levels of Survival Mode, the AI will try to duck for several seconds before moving forward. Watch for it, they’ll have to stand up straight if they want to get closer.

    We suggest bringing a character you know well to back Angel up. Use Angel as your second tag teammate, and bring her into the fight once you’ve knocked back or stunned the AI long enough to give yourself some space. If an AI bum-rushes Angel, switch back out to your other teammate.

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