Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Game Guide

Table of Contents

  • Fight Lab
  • Arcade
  • Survival
  • Time Attack
  • Ghost Battle
  • How to Make Easy Fight Money
  • Time Attack

    Our Survival strategy is similar to the Time Attack strategy, but there’s far less randomness you’ll have to deal with. The last three fights are always against the same characters, and our patented method has some new refinements.

    First, you’ll want to practice with Angel and Jun. If you want to finish Time Attack and unlock the achievement “Super-Speed Fists” easily and without a lot of practice, use this method. If you’re looking to train yourself, just keep practicing!

    To complete Time Attack very quickly, choose Angel as your first, and Jun as back-up. Alternatively, if you’re familiar with Angel, choose her solo. If you don’t have Angel, use Jun and Asuka as your team.

    When using Angel, you’ll want to take advantage of her Laser attack. [LP+RP] is easy to pull off, but it takes a moment to charge leaving you vulnerable. This makes each battle a struggle early, where Angel and the AI are very close.

    To give yourself some extra room while playing as Angel, press [Back+LK] to send the AI flying backwards. If they get in close wait for an opening, like right after a guard, then kick them back.

    When Angel is having problems and the AI is right on top of you, switch to Jun and use [Back+LK, RK, RK, RK] for an easy combo that’ll quickly deplete the AI’s health bar.

    If you don’t have Angel at all, spam the [Back+LK, RK, RK, RK] kick combo with Asuka and Jun.

    To make these battles even quicker, set the Difficulty to Easy.

    Whenever you knock down an AI opponent, always time your laser to hit them as they get back up. There’s a single frame where they have to stand up straight, and the laser lasts long enough that you won’t need to be entirely precise. It’s all about timing.

    The fights won’t get especially difficult until you have to face Jinpachi and Heihachi. Surprisingly, Heihachi is the big problem here, as he’ll have a much easier time ducking and weaving around Angel’s laser.

    Switch to Jun if Heihachi is a problem and fight him off with her triple low-kick combo until Jinpachi returns, where you can use your Laser without a problem.

    Ogre is another easy opponent with this tag team. Just like Jinpachi, he’s slow a slow powerhouse, making him an easy target for spamming Angel’s laser or Jun’s kicks.

    The hardest enemy you’ll have to face is Jun during the Final Battle. Here, you might need to drop Angel’s laser, as you’ll have a hard time hitting the AI. Instead, use Jun’s kicks.

    During the very final battle, you’ll actually have an easier battle. Unknown, controlled by the AI, doesn’t really know how to respond to Angel or Jun’s kicks, and will actually play defensively. Kick her away where you’re safe, then use Angel’s lasers.

    With this method, I was able to complete Time Attack in 8’14″. If you’re able to finish that quickly, you’ll also earn 2 million in Fight Money.

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