Terraria 1.2.4 Update: How to Summon Duke Fishron

The content train keeps chugging in Terraria with the addition of Duke Fishrion in update 1.2.4. Summoning him can be tricky, so we’ve put together a deep-sea fishing guide to help bring the giant fish out of the water. Just don’t forget to build platforms and bring some heavy weapons, because this Duke doesn’t want to go down without a fight.

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How to Summon Duke Fishron

  • Update 1.2.4 adds a brand new boss called Duke Fishron to Terraria’s Hardmode Ocean Biome.
  • Before you can summon the boss, you’ll need two items — a powerful fishing rod, and a Truffle Worm.

How to Get a Fishing Rod

  • Only rods with 20% Fishing Power or more will work when summoning Duke Fishron. Quest reward rods like the Hotline Hook or the Golden Rod will work. Others can be purchased or crafted.
  • The Hotline Fishing Hook can’t be crafted. The special rod has a chance of being rewarded after completing 25 Angler quests. He appears if there’s a home for him after waking the sleeping NPC at the beach.
  • The Sitting Duck’s Fishing Pole will also work. This is sold be a Travelling Merchant NPC — randomly he’ll appear and sell an assortment of random items.
  • Two poles can be crafted that’ll draw Duke Fishron in. The Fisher of Souls (8 Demonite Bars) and the Fleshcatcher (8 Crimtane Bars) can be crafted at an Iron Anvil.

How to Get a Truffle Worm

  • Travel underground to a Mushroom Biome to find Truffle Worms. These glowing tiny critters are the best form of bait in Terrari. Catching them can be tricky, so watch in the distance for small grey/blue worms giving off light. When you spot one, drop down while swinging to bug net.
  • Truffle Worms burrow into the ground after about one second, so you’ll have to be fast. Once the Truffle Worm is obtained, you’ll be able to summon Duke Fishron.

How to Summon Duke Fishron

  • With a powerful Fishing Rod, travel to the far east or west oceans and cast your rod (with the Truffle Worm) as bait into the water.
  • Duke Fishron will instantly appear and attack. He’s a powerful boss, so come prepared.

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1 Comment on Terraria 1.2.4 Update: How to Summon Duke Fishron


On May 14, 2014 at 9:26 am

You don’t need a golden fishing rod to summon him, just one with at least 20% power. BTW that is not how you get the golden fishing rod anyway – You get it after your 50th angler quest completion.