Sony On Beyond Two Souls Nudity: ‘It’s Not Actually’ Ellen Page

If the tone of a statement released today is any indication, Ellen Page and Sony are very unhappy with Quantic Dream right now.

The reason: using a Playstation 3 debug unit, someone has managed to uncover a complete scene of a very naked Jodie hidden in the code of Beyond: Two Souls. We’re not including these images here, but you can see a SFW version here, and a thread about the now-removed images on reddit.

The hack revealed that a weird, out of nowhere shower scene in Beyond: Two Souls actually features very explicit nudity so detailed, it included modeling of Jodie’s vulva. The problem is that in the release version of the game, during the scene in question Jodie’s body is obscured by fog and by strategically-placed bathroom items. When these images blew up it was widely assumed Ellen Page filmed the scenes herself, despite widespread knowledge that the game makes extensive use of body doubling for several crucial moments. As it turns out, that was the case here.

In a statement released by Sony this morning (via Cinema Blend), Sony unequivocally expressed the company’s displeasure. “The images are from an illegally hacked console and is very damaging for Ellen Page,” the statement says. “It’s not actually her body.”

We’re following up on this story and reaching out to the players involved for further comment. We will update with all information we recieve.

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4 Comments on Sony On Beyond Two Souls Nudity: ‘It’s Not Actually’ Ellen Page


On October 25, 2013 at 12:40 pm

Wait, are a debug unit and a hacked console the same thing? While it sucks for Ellen Page, having her and Sony keep bringing this up is going to keep this in the headlines. The images are on the internet and are never going to disappear. Stop talking about this and wait for the story to become old news and die.


On October 26, 2013 at 3:25 am

Nudity is one of many ways David Cage attempts to make the player think that what they’re playing is more mature and groundbreaking than it really is. In actual fact, the nudity in Heavy Rain only went to demonstrate just how childish the thought process behind the game really was (a long female shower scene for no real reason, which was ‘balanced’ by a very quick arse flash of a male character earlier on – again, for no particular narrative effect), and I doubt it’s any different in this piece of nothing.


On October 26, 2013 at 3:38 pm

Completely agree Bobby!

Also the sex scene in Heavy Rain made me cringe.

There is no sexual or romantic chemistry between Ethan and Madison. It just happens all of a sudden and in the creepiest of circumstances.


On October 26, 2013 at 8:09 pm

Ellen is only motion captured. She was not motion captured naked, the creators of the model creation does rest of the job to make it perfect. There is no naked Ellen Page, even if there was, it’s still not real nudity.. jeez. I loved the game, and going to play another go, this stuff is just pretty f* stupid to even put up. Anyone agree? :S