The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Campaign Audio Logs Locations

Get every hidden audio log in the campaign with some textual tips for The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

These logs are practically required in games nowadays, but there’s no real achievements or trophies for collecting them. Sate your Spidey-curiosity with these history-elucidating narratives with the collectible locations below.

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Campaign Audio Logs Collectible Locations Guide

Work-In-Progress: Find every story chapter collectible below.

Raid on Oscorp

  • Log #1: After saving the tied-up scientists from the armed goons, look to the left of the hostages to find a holographic log on the desk.
  • Log #2: In the same rooms, look for an optional hallway to the right of the hostages. Down this path, you’ll find a log on the floor in the far corner.
  • Log #3: Inside the large dark storage room with the glowing generator against the back wall, navigate to the right of the shiny stacks of boxes and web-shoot the spinning fan. Jump through and get by the pipes to find a holographic log.

Into the Lion’s Den!

  • Log #1: Moving through the ruined subway, get by the guard and drone as you move through the train cars and turn right. Ahead, a guard with a flashlight is patrolling a room below through the destroyed floor. Take care of the guard to get the log sitting on top of a crate in the back corner.

No One Is Safe!

  • Log #1: Before the action starts, you’ll control civilian Peter Parker. Look behind the flat pillars and party-goers on the balcony overlooking the large red stage below.
  • Log #2: On the ground floor, still as a civilian, look in the doorway directly to the left of the stage.
  • Log #3: Still as a civilian, enter the open double-doors to the right of the stage. Look right just as you step through to find another hidden log.
  • Log #4: After rescuing hostages, you’ll find the next log on a piece of set to the left of your main path. You should see it before reaching the piece of set with marble stairs.
  • Log #5: Remember the marble stairs? Climb on them and leap onto the wooden scaffolding to the right to find another log.
  • Log #6: The last log is found just behind the tall fences surrounding the shipping yard. Look for two parked trucks. The log is sitting behind the cab of one of these trucks sitting just outside the fences.

Claws of the Cat!

  • Log #1: Inside the exhibit with the Wooly Mammoth skeleton in the center, start from the stairs and check out the exhibits to the left. Look behind the case with the green wave-y backdrop.
  • Log #2: Leave the mammoth skeleton behind. Go through the door slightly left and behind it to find a tall glass case with the last log for this level.

My Ally, My Enemy!

  • Log #1: Before talking with Harry in the apartment, grab the log next to him.
  • Log #2: In the same study, look on a desk opposite the windows, to the right of the piano, to find another log.

The Kingpin of Crime!

  • Log #1: This one is tricky. While moving through the dilapidated building, up through the ramps, you’ll find broken wall to the right. Jump outside, and move right along the exterior to find the log on the ground, underneath the interior path you just took.
  • Log #2: From the same ramp, turn left and jump down onto the platform below to find a log hidden in the rubble.
  • Log #3: Before facing off against the armored enemies, you’ll move through a ground-floor hall with the wall blown-out and covered by shipping containers. Jump outside and move along the fallen tower to find a busted-up old truck with a log on its hood.
  • Log #4: On the ground floor ahead, you’ll run into areas with missing floor. Jump down into the dank sub-level and look in the corner covered with rubble.
  • Log #5: Entering the underground vault with the Kingpin, immediately run toward the fat man’s desk to grab the last log for this level.

Maximum Carnage!

  • Log #1: Inside the room with the giant electrified cage, circle around until you can leap inside. There’s a log at the center, accessible through a melted hole in the side.

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