The Amazing Spider-Man 2: How to Earn Fast Suit XP — Farming Guide

Go from square to super fast with a few of our Amazing Spider-Man 2 XP farming tips. Getting every unlockable costume to its highest level is a long process, so we’ve scrounged up a handful of handy methods to grind out those experience points in less time.

Don’t get us wrong, it’s still a long time. If you’ve found a better method for earning XP and want to let us know, drop a comment in the section below. You’ll have our eternal Spidey-thanks.

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How to Earn Fast Suit XP — Farming Guide

To earn the “Ultimate Spider-Man” achievement, you’ll need to reach max level for every unlockable suit.

To learn how to get every suit, check out Game Front’s Amazing Spider-Man 2 Unlockable Costumes Guide.

Each suit has its own separate experience bar. Earning XP by fighting enemies and completing mission objectives will level up whatever suit you’re wearing, unlocking new bonuses as you go.

That means Spider-Man will have to cycle through every suit and grind XP to earn this difficult achievement. There are multiple ways to grind XP — like playing the game multiple times. But, if you’re looking for the fastest way to earn XP (that we’ve discovered so far!) check out the methods below.

XP Grinding Methods

Method #1:

  • Complete Deadlock side-quests while free-roaming in New York City. These optional missions appear randomly at different intervals and can be completed fairly quickly.
  • Before grinding Deadlocks, make sure your Heroism Level is 3 or above. Lower Heroism leads to decreases in your XP gains.
  • To quickly complete a Deadlock, use a Stealth Takedown (or 2!) then follow up with Seismic Blast and Signature Takedowns. Use Web Rush to keep your combo building and get closer to far-away enemies.
  • Completing Deadlocks this way will earn 4000~ XP a pop. There is a strange bug that causes Spidey to lose combat XP if you complete a Deadlock in a single unbroken combo, so try to avoid it.

Method #2:

  • Load the final Ravencroft level from Peter’s room in Aunt May’s house. Play on “Hero” (Regular difficulty) to earn XP faster. Playing on higher difficulty will earn more XP per enemy, but it takes far longer to clear a room.
  • Before starting the level, make sure Spider-Man is at Heroism Level 3. A lower Heroism level leads to decreased XP gains.
  • Travel to the combat area where Dr. Menken is surrounded by symbiote enemies. Choose to take out the extra enemies for more XP.
  • Once the combat begins, use Seismic Blast on the group and finish with [B / Circle] to clear the area of enemies. This should net about 2500~ XP per section.
  • When the enemies are defeated, talk to Menken then restart from the earlier checkpoint. Your XP will be saved and you’ll start right before the combat area.

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On May 21, 2014 at 11:25 am

I’ve got to the max level with all 13 suits and I didn’t get the achievement/trophy? My achievement progress say it’s at 98%.. is there something I’m missing?