The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Jameson Photos Locations Guide

Find every hidden reference and Easter egg J. Jonah Jameson wants to see in the campaign levels for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Travelling through each dangerous lair will reveal unique hints at other villains across the Spidey-universe of comic books. Keep an eye out for Sandman’s shirt, Vulture’s wings, or Doc Ock’s tentacles and snap a shot for ol’ Jonah.

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Jameson’s Photos Locations Guide

Work-In-Progress: Find every story chapter collectible below.

Raid on Oscorp

  • Photo #1: Sneaking on the pipe in Oscorp, Spidey will stumble into a group of scientists being held hostage. A tip will suggest that you follow the pipe to sneak behind the thugs. As the pipe turns left, jump down and take a picture of the metallic Vulture wings to the right.
  • Photo #2: Inside the massive dimly lit generator room, zip-line up to the perches above the glowing generator, then leap to the walkways to the right. Look through the glass windows into the lab to spot Doc Ock’s discarded robotic tentacles.

No One Is Safe!

  • Photo #3: Switching into Spidey gear, you’ll have to save hostages in the theater’s back rooms. Once the civilians are safe, move left and look underneath a prop wall with stairs attached. There’s a case with a fishbowl helmet inside. Snap a picture for J. Jonah’s rag.
  • Photo #4: Moving through the shipping yard, stick to the chain link fence to the right. Against the stacks of shipping containers, you should find the Rhino suit.

Claws of the Cat!

  • Photo #5: Enter the Wooly Mammoth skeleton exhibit, and look at the blue/white painting to the left, right next to the open exit door. Snap a picture of this unique crest.

My Ally, My Enemy!

  • Photo #6: Inside Harry’s study, look at the bookcases near the door. Snap a picture of the oddly placed pumpkin.

The Kingpin of Crime!

  • Photo #7: Moving outside the old structure, you’ll reach metal catwalks on the edge of the compound covered by snipers. Sneak around the sniper’s perch, then look down at the ground floor. One corner is covered in sand, with a strangely familiar striped green shirt. Take a picture of the shirt.

Maximum Carnage!

  • Photo #8: After leaving the electrified cage room, you’ll be able to swing down a huge floor-less hallway. Just as you reach the end, turn right to spot a large sign for Ravencroft’s “Venom Wing” — grab a picture!

Free Roam

  • Photo #9: Take a picture of the massive “O” of the OsCorp logo, on the company’s headquarters in the center of the city.
  • Photo #10: Play through the campaign until a blue comic store opens in the center of the city. “Comic Stand” — also known as “Comic Stan” is a reference to Stan Lee, one of Spidey’s Marvel creators.
  • Photo #11: Don’t forget the Daily Bugle! Snap a picture of the large sign around the eastern side of the city.
  • Photo #12: After stopping by Kingpin’s fundraiser, return to his massive corporate building. Drop down to the ground floor to snap an image of Fisk Tower’s logo.
  • Photo #13: Near Fisk Tower, scan the rooftops for The Wake, a rooftop club with a flashing sign. Take a picture of the logo, once again, to earn another photo.

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