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CHAPTER 10: Spider-man No More!

  1. Crawl forward through the Oscorp ventilation system and drop into the next control room below to activate a cut scene, then exit the area by moving around the catwalk to your left and destroying the spider-bots along the way.
  2. After clearing the upper level of enemies, look down into the room below to locate the surrounding turrets and pull yourself over towards the automatic guns to begin destroying them one-by-one.
  3. Execute a web-retreat in between the destruction of each turret to avoid being spotted by the automated security system, then finish clearing all four zones below of the remaining guns and drop to the floor to eliminate the waves of spider-bots.
  4. Clear the area of all remaining spider-bots and approach the generators attached to the assembly line in each zone, then destroy all four of these indicated consoles to shut down production of Smythe’s machines and open the door that leads to an underground facility.
  5. Exit the area through the open green-lit doorway and turn right to pull yourself onto the disabled robot ahead, then move forward across the electrified conveyor bely by jumping between the machines in line and plugging the steam bursts above with your web-shooter.
  6. Pull yourself into the next room ahead that has LEVEL 01 printed on the wall across from you and move quickly into the upper left corner of the area, then fight off the sentries that appear while simultaneously webbing-up the door that they emerge from.
  7. Once you have sealed the door, interact with a nearby object to throw it at the group of sentries that made it into the room and eliminate the remaining ones that survive this projectile attack.
  8. Move into the remaining three corners of the room to web up the remaining doors while simultaneously defeating the sentries that emerge, then continue to destroy the surrounding enemies by using web-strikes and throwing nearby objects.
  9. Exit the room using the elevator that eventually descends by gumming up the industrial fan with your web-shooters and dropping down into the ventilation shaft behind it, then land on the floor below and enter the next duct in front of you.
  10. Crawl through the duct system to activate another cut scene with Smythe and Connors, then continue navigating yourself through the ventilation area ahead and wait for the bursts of steam to recede each time before continuing to move forward.
  11. Make your way through the maze of pipes and past the various steam blasts to eventually enter the yellow duct at the end, then crawl through the vent to activate another cut scene with Smythe and Connors.
  12. Afterwards, continue navigating through the ventilation area to enter the yellow duct ahead and crawl forward along the shaft to eventually drop into the next room below.
  13. Following your brief conversation with Connors, execute web-strikes on the sentries that enter the room and throw them into the forcefield-protected generators that surround the area.
  14. Continue throwing the sentries into the surrounding generators to destroy the forcefields and free Connors, then follow him out of the room and down the hall on your right to activate a cut scene.
  15. Afterwards, move through the room beside you to pass by the group of sentries and climb the staircase in the corner to reach the next floor above.
  16. Enter the open room beside you to collect your web-shooters and cellphone from the table on the right, then approach the back corners of the area and use webbing to pull down both levers above.
  17. Continue forward into the launch area that opens ahead and make your way across the next catwalk by jumping over the various gaps, then continue sprinting forward to retreat from the sentries that appear behind you and climb the steps at the end.
  18. Move right at the top of the landing to jump the next gap and climb onto the red pipeline beside you, then run along the pipe to reach the catwalk on the other side and turn left to clear another pair of gaps.
  19. Navigate the next red pipeline around the corner ahead to land in front of a shipping crate marked with the number 3, then move to the left side of it and make your way across the catwalk beside you.
  20. Approach the barricade ahead and drop onto the next landing below to your right, then press the indicated button to activate the platform and use it to reach the area directly across from you marked: B 05.
  21. Make your way to the left across the balcony and navigate onto the second metal landing ahead, then move the platform again and use it to reach the section of catwalk ahead of you.
  22. Climb the staircase to reach the next level above and navigate across the nearby red pipeline while gumming up the various steam bursts along the way, then drop onto the series of pipes below and jump across the gaps ahead.
  23. Perch on the pipe in front of you and move left along the red pipeline to drop onto the shipping container hanging from the crane above, then jump on the catwalk ahead and turn the next corner to approach a wall marked with an 04.
  24. Move around to the right side of the container and climb the next staircase ahead, while destroying the sentries along the way, to reach the landing above, then make a right and jump the gap in front of you.
  25. Run past the sentries ahead to reach the next red pipeline and move along it, while gumming up the steam bursts, then climb the staircase at the end and move to the right around the container at the top.
  26. Navigate along the next nearby red pipeline to reach the landing above and open fire on the sentries with your web-shooters, then continue moving around the railing ahead and enter the control room in the corner.
  27. Make your way down the corridor at the back of the room to approach Smythe’s image on the monitor ahead, then run to the left along the next hall and fire webs at the turret that descends from the ceiling.
  28. Turn right around the next corner ahead and continue running down the hall, then enter the green-lit door at the end and run up the pile of shipping containers to your right.
  29. Navigate around the red laser beams and clear the gap to your left, then jump to the next shipping container beside you and climb to the top of the pile.
  30. Jump to the next ledge above to land between a pair of sentries and move through the doorway in the right corner, then run forward beneath the security laser and interact with the console in front of you.
  31. After testing out the jet engine and climbing down the staircase in front of you, make a right at the bottom and move forward along the wall to reach the next set of steps ahead.
  32. Make your way down the stairs to reach the level below and make a right to climb the next set of steps in the corner, then turn left at the top and interact with the console ahead to move the jet engine over.
  33. Move to the opposite railing on the other side of the room and interact with that console as well to drop the jet engine down to ground level, then make your way back to the first console you approached in this area and fire the engine to blow a hole in the wall below.
  34. Exit the room through the hole you created in the wall below and enter the next area, then move right around the corner in the railing beside you and sprint beneath or jump over the line of laser beams ahead.
  35. Jump through the burning window in the corner to enter the damaged office and move into the corridor at the back of the room, then turn right and navigate the corridor ahead to reach the next shipping area guarded by sentries.
  36. Climb the stacks of shipping containers to your left and jump the various gaps along the way, then gum up the large industrial fan at the highest point in the pile and move through it to enter the ventilation tunnel.
  37. Make a right to gum up another industrial fan with your web-shooters and drop into the room below, then move left along the catwalk and navigate around the pathway until you reach the next set of steps at the end.
  38. Climb the stairs to reach the clearing above and use your web-shooters to disable the sentry bots so that you can quickly sprint across the area, then climb the next set of steps around the corner and turn left at the top.
  39. Move forward across the landing and climb onto the red pipeline to your left, then navigate along the pipe and gum up the steam bursts as you go.
  40. Jump to the next accessible catwalk at the end of the pipeline and continue moving forward across it, then sprint without stopping to avoid being crushed by the tentacles and make a left at the end of the pathway.
  41. Run forward between the steam pipes and use your web-shooters to clog the damaging bursts ahead, then climb onto the red pipeline at the end and begin moving across it to the left.
  42. Land on the next walkway ahead on your right and sprint forward without stopping to stay ahead of the Spider Slayer behind you, then enter the pipeline at the end and continue running to escape the Robotics Lab.
  43. Crawl forward beneath the grating to reach street level again and activate a cut scene, then run forward into the street to hear a message from Connors and make your way towards the star symbol on the map to enter the sewers.
  44. Make your way forward through the sewer pipes to reach the lab and complete this chapter.

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