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CHAPTER 12: Where Crawls the Lizard

  1. Move forward down the walkway to your right and plug up the steam bursts with webbing as you go, then make a right around the corner at the end by dropping into the sewer channel below and enter the next chamber ahead.
  2. Head up the incline on the right to reach the walkway above and move forward across it to approach the next open area, then crawl along the ceiling to eliminate the enemies below by executing silent takedowns and throwing nearby objects at them.
  3. Drop to the lowest floor below and approach the wall covered with green slime beneath the overhang, then eliminate another wave of enemies by using combo assaults and nearby objects.
  4. Finish eliminating the rest of the enemies on the next level above you and enter the hallway covered with green slime beside the crashed tour bus, then move through the corridor ahead by crawling along the ceiling.
  5. Defeat the enemies below and drop back to the floor, then climb up the brick wall near the end of the corridor to enter the opening at the top and crawl down the narrow shaft to reach the sewage chamber at the bottom.
  6. Interact with the valve wheel in front of you to drain the tank and pull yourself over to the red pipeline ahead on the left, then run down the pipe to reach the ventilation area below and web shoot the industrial fan on the right to gum it up.
  7. Move through the jammed fan blades and to pull yourself over towards the green grating with the shadow of a spinning fan across it, then target the fan and fire webs into the blades to jam them.
  8. Pull yourself through to the other side of the fan, then interact with the nearby wheel to turn it and click on a green light somewhere else in the chamber.
  9. Exit the ventilation area by jamming the blades again and return to the previous red pipe in front of the fan’s shadow, then look down towards the second wheel below and land on the platform covered with slime beside it.
  10. Interact with the nearby wheel to turn it and click on a second green light, then drop to the lowest point in the room and find the industrial fan at the bottom to jam up its blades.
  11. After gumming up the blades, approach the industrial fan at the bottom of the chamber you’re in and interact with the wheel across the lake of green slime to activate a cut scene.
  12. Return to the platform where the second wheel was turned and climb onto the cage above to exit the chamber through the tunnel you just opened, then drop down to the bottom of the next area ahead and face off against the piranha enemy.
  13. Interact with the wheel on the wall above to drain the water levels and make the piranha more vulnerable to attacks, then strike the enemy with repeated combo assaults and execute rolling or other dodging maneuvers whenever your spider-sense tingles.
  14. Continue draining the water and attacking the piranha until he calls upon a group of enemies as back up, then focus the majority of your attacks on the original darker-skinned boss and dodge as often as possible.
  15. Keep your attention on the primary enemy at all times to defeat him with a series of combo strikes and activate the next cut scene, then exit the chamber through the door that opens and make the first left down the sewer tunnel.
  16. Crawl through the opening at the end of the tunnel to move forward along the narrow shaft and enter the next sewer area ahead, then make your way across the ceiling until you are above the upper level’s catwalk and eliminate the enemies below by using silent takedowns.
  17. Enter the next open corridor nearby and approach the area completely covered with green slime, then pull yourself onto the ceiling and crawl forward across it until there is clean floor beneath you.
  18. Pull yourself forward through the narrow tunnels coated with green slime to reach the next red pipeline and move forward along it by clearing the gaps in each section of pipe in front of you.
  19. Drop off the end of the last red pipeline to reach a room lit with a burning barrel and crawl up the indicated wall on your right to enter the next narrow opening at the top, then move forward through the shaft until you spot the Hunter.
  20. Take out the enemies below to enter the chamber where the Hunter is located and activate a cut scene, then land beside Gwenn’s location and defeat the surrounding thugs by throwing nearby objects or using striking combinations.
  21. Defeat the remaining enemies in the area until a cut scene activates in which the Lizard appears, then target him to execute a web-strike and rescue Gwenn.
  22. Look to the upper level that surrounds the lab and execute a web-strike on the first enemy that appears to defeat him, then return to the Hunter’s location and defend it from the second wave of thugs.
  23. Fight off each of the invading thugs as they arrive until the Lizard appears on top of the Hunter again, then use a web-strike to dislodge him and go back to defending Gwenn from the enemy forces.
  24. Make repeated use of your ability to throw nearby objects at the enemies, since the number of thugs in this wave will be greatly increased compared to previous instances.
  25. After defeating the enemies on the ground, target the areas around the upper level that surrounds the lab to pick off the remaining mutants above by using web-strikes and combination attacks.
  26. Clear both the upper and lower levels of all remaining mutants, then hit the Lizard with a third web-strike to chase him out of the lab for good and activate a cut scene with Gwenn.
  27. Interact with the Hunter to activate a cut scene in which you encounter the Lizard again, then immediately hit him with a web-strike and follow it up with a series of combos until your spider-sense tingles.
  28. Perform a web-retreat to escape damage and face-off with the Lizard against the wall, then dodge his next series of attacks and hit the boss with another web-strike to tie him up with webbing.
  29. Sprint back over to the destroyed Hunter’s remains and interact with it, then tap the indicated button to start searching the wreckage until the Lizard is able to free himself from the webbing.
  30. Press the indicated button to dodge the Lizard’s attack, then use web-retreats and web-strikes to eventually glue the boss to the wall again.
  31. Interact with the Hunter again to continue sifting through the wreckage until the Lizard is able to free himself, then dodge his assault and repeat your previous methods to tie him up with webbing for a third time.
  32. Approach the wreckage of the Hunter, then interact with it again to pick up the antidote and activate a cut scene in which you enter the sewer systems below.
  33. After you have made your way forward to the bars at the end of the tunnel and dropped into the open chamber below, open fire on the Lizard with the web-shooters as he jumps between the ledges above.
  34. Continue hitting the Lizard with webbing until you can execute a web-strike, then perform a series of combination attacks and press the indicated buttons to dodge the boss’ counter-assaults.
  35. Tap the indicated button, after tossing the Lizard over the ledge behind you, then return to the center platform and immediately execute a web-retreat to avoid a ground pound attack from the boss.
  36. Move between the upper ledges that surround the area and try to keep the Lizard in sight while simultaneously retreating whenever the enemy jumps towards you, then fire upon the boss with your web-shooters as he hops around the chamber.
  37. Continue hitting the Lizard with your web-shooters until he is momentarily incapacitated, then execute a web-strike and follow it up with a series of combo strikes to throw the enemy off the ledge you’re both occupying.
  38. Tap the indicated button repeatedly to inject the Lizard with the antidote and complete the game.
  39. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Welcome Back, Friend (?): Defeated Lizard.

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