The Amazing Spider-Man Walkthrough

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CHAPTER 1: Oscorp is Your Friend

  1. Follow the on-screen instructions and learn to move the camera, then continue watching the cut scene until Peter Parker changes into Spider-man and press the indicated button to activate Web Rush mode.
  2. Release the previously indicated button to activate a cut scene in which you web swing over to Gwen and rescue her before landing back on the floor, then run forward and jump over the steps to reach the room below.
  3. Jump again to cross the room more quickly and exit through the door opposite of you, then make your way through the corridor and leave this area after learning about the robots behind the glass.
  4. Exit the next room through the door marked with a green sign on your left and continue moving forward through the corridor, then approach the edge of the platform in front of you and hold down the indicated button to web swing across the gap.
  5. Enter the hallway on the other side of the gap and vault over the obstacles blocking the corridor to exit through the next door ahead, then approach the red lettering on the floor to your left and web-swing across a second gap in front of you.
  6. Exit through the next door in front of you to activate a cut scene, then drop to the level below and follow the on-screen instructions to begin attacking the robots with combat maneuvers.
  7. Press the indicated button to dodge when necessary and use combo strikes to destroy the surrounding robot enemies one at a time, then use Web Rush mode to return to Gwen and pick her up again.
  8. Drop back to the level below and exit through the nearby open doorway with Gwen on your back, then enter the next corridor to your left and press the indicated button to watch the Scorpion through the glass beside you.
  9. Exit the corridor through the door ahead, then make a left to follow another hallway around and activate a cut scene upon reaching the next open room.
  10. Approach the console in front of you to press the indicated button and partially deactivate the security system ahead, then use Web Rush mode to launch yourself through the one opening in the laser grid above and land on the other side.
  11. Move through the next open doorway below and approach the ventilation fan ahead, then press the indicated button to Web Shoot and jam the blades until they come to a stop.
  12. Jump between the stalled blades to continue forward into the ventilation shaft and make your next right around the corner, then use the web-shooting to jam another fan and exit the duct system.
  13. Continue moving forward to enter the next room and interact with the console ahead to open the door on the other side of the laser grid in front of you, then use Web Rush mode to launch yourself through the one opening in the security system above.
  14. Move through the next open doorway below and interact with the vent at the end of the hallway to enter the narrow duct, then crawl forward through the shaft to drop into the next room ahead and press the indicated button to use Web Retreat.
  15. After pulling yourself upward and away from the danger below, target one of the surrounding robots and press the indicated button to execute a Web Strike.
  16. Use combo strikes and dodging maneuvers to successfully destroy all of the robots one-by-one, then exit the room through the nearby door that opens and follow the hallway around to return to Gwen’s location.
  17. Pick up Gwen and return to the room in which you previously battled the group of robots, then exit through the open doorway on your left to activate a cut scene.
  18. Afterwards, press the indicated button to access the cellphone and make the necessary upgrades to your character.
  19. After a second more extensive cut scene that places you outside on the streets on Manhattan, execute a web swing to pull up from the free-fall you’re currently in and practice navigating through the city.
  20. Continue web-swinging until the area around you begins to shake and access the cellphone to locate the next objective on the map, then make your way towards the purple beam of light in the distance to reach the earthquake’s epicenter.
  21. After activating a cut scene in which you encounter the enormous robot, press the indicated button to execute a Web Strike by kicking off the enemy’s head and retreat upon landing on the streets below.
  22. From a safe distance, run in a continuous circle around the enormous robot as it fires upon you with its laser beam attack.
  23. Web-swing into the air and maneuver yourself around to the side of the robot’s head, then execute a web-strike to kick off of it for a second time.
  24. Execute another web-swinging maneuver to move around to the other side of the robot’s head and hit the enemy with a third web-strike , then ascend until you are directly above the boss’ position and execute a fourth web-strike to cause significant damage.
  25. Web-swing in a circle around the robot to stay ahead of its rotating laser and continue in this manner until the beam recedes, then move in front of the enemy’s head and execute a web-retreat.
  26. After latching on to the side of the robot’s head, press the indicated buttons to destroy it’s laser weaponry and dodge the enemy’s counter-attacks.
  27. Repeat the previous two steps to rip out the robot’s other eye and locate your next target on the enemy’s exterior, then web-swing over to the nearest mechanical leg and shoot webs into the indicated blue areas.
  28. Continue firing upon the robot’s legs to disable them one at a time until the enemy completely collapses, then move around to the front of it and press the indicated button to finish the chapter.
  29. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Siege Averted (?): Defeated the S-01.

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On August 6, 2012 at 2:06 pm

Why are there no more videos after #24, Comon James finish the walkthrough or get the videos up


On February 4, 2013 at 1:14 am

I’m stuck at no. 23.., I’ve took the picture already, but Whitney never open the door.