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CHAPTER 2: Escape Impossible

  1. Turn around from Connor’s cell and interact with the vent at the end of the corridor ahead to enter the narrow duct, then crawl forward through the shaft to eventually descend into the next room below.
  2. Approach the upper railing on your left to climb over it and enter locker area above, then move through the open doorway on the right and interact with the console by the control room’s observation window.
  3. After the cut scene in which you accidentally release all of the prisoners instead of just Connors, jump to stick on the wall directly above the previous console and climb upward to reach the vent above.
  4. Enter the ventilation opening to reach the room on the other side and drop to the ground far below you, then use combo attacks, signature moves and dodging maneuvers to incapacitate the surrounding inmates.
  5. Defeat the remaining enemies to activate a cut scene in which Connors gives you directions, then jump to the next upper railing ahead and climb the nearby set of steps on your right to activate a second cut scene.
  6. Activate web rush mode to target the dumpster below and launch it into the nearby gang of inmates, then approach each of the fallen thugs and use your signature move to incapacitate them.
  7. Defeat the remaining enemies in the room with combo strikes or by throwing nearby vending machines at them, then exit the room after Connors opens the next two doors ahead and turn left.
  8. Move forward through the holding cell area as the inmates are released upon you in succession, then use your web-shooter to incapacitate them and use combo strikes to defeat them.
  9. Eliminate the remaining inmates in this area, then approach the lever on the right-side wall to pull down on it and open the next door ahead.
  10. Turn towards the doorway that just opened and use web rush mode to pull yourself through it before the gate can close, then enter the ventilation shaft above and crawl forward along the ductwork.
  11. Drop into the room ahead to collect XP and enter the next ventilation shaft above to continue crawling forward through the ducts, then enter the bathroom by hitting the inmate below with a web-strike and incapacitatng him.
  12. Exit the bathroom and throw the vending machine against the wall to your right at the enemies ahead, then incapacitate the ones who have fallen and defeat the rest with combo strikes.
  13. Move through the next two gates that Connors opens for you around the corner and follow the hallway ahead to reach a burning pile of debris blocking the corridor, then stick to wall on your right to reach the ceiling and move forward across it to safely clear the flames below.
  14. After the cut scene in which you witness Felicia’s escape and drop back to the floor below, make a right down the adjacent hallway and climb through the opening above on the left-side wall of the corridor.
  15. Execute a web-strike on the enemy below to enter the next room and begin incapacitating the rest of the surrounding inmates by using combo strikes or throwing the nearby dumpster at them, then finish clearing the area and exit it through the door that unlocks.
  16. Interact with the vent above on the wall to your left and climb through the ductwork ahead to drop into the next control room below, then use the console beside you to activate a cut scene in which Connors makes his escape.
  17. Exit the control room and climb the steps to your left, then crawl up the wall beside you to move past the burning debris and land safely on the other side of the staircase.
  18. Defeat the enemy located in the area at the top stairs and approach the open window to spot the sniper across from you, then execute a web-strike to defeat him and land in the next room ahead.
  19. Execute a web-strike on one of the inmates below to incapacitate him and land in the courtyard, then clear the area of all remaining enemies by throwing the nearby stone pedestals at them.
  20. Following an extended cut scene in which you escape with Connors and return to the rooftops of Manhattan, web-swing towards the star icon on your map to reach Peter’s apartment and enter it through the open window to activate a cit scene.
  21. Afterwards, explore Peter’s apartment before exiting through the nearby open window to complete this chapter.

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On August 6, 2012 at 2:06 pm

Why are there no more videos after #24, Comon James finish the walkthrough or get the videos up


On February 4, 2013 at 1:14 am

I’m stuck at no. 23.., I’ve took the picture already, but Whitney never open the door.