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CHAPTER 3: In the Shadows of Evils Past

  1. Press the indicated buttons to look up at the antenna above you and form a link with it, then web-swing off the edge of the rooftop and head towards the star on your map to reach the next antenna.
  2. Continue towards the star icons that appear on your map to link up with the second and third rooftop antennas, then use the spider tracers to find the Rhinos current location and web-swing in that direction.
  3. Swing through the city streets in the direction of the star icon that appears on your map to reach the parking lot and activate a cut scene in which you encounter the Rhino, then begin running around him in a continuous circle and shoot webs into his face.
  4. Repeatedly shoot webs into the Rhino’s face until he is completely blinded, then wait for him to charge at you and press the indicated button to execute a dodging maneuver.
  5. Continue evading the Rhino’s charging attacks to eventually make your way in front of one of the larger nearby SWAT trucks, then execute one last dodge maneuver so that the enemy gets his horn stuck in the side of the vehicle behind you.
  6. Approach the Rhino as he attempts to pulls his horn out of the SWAT truck and press the indicated button to hit him with a web-strike, then retreat to a safe distance and dodge another one of the enemy’s charging attacks.
  7. Stand in front of another SWAT truck to draw the Rhino into getting his horn stuck again, then hit him with another web-strike to inflict further damage and repeat this assault tactic one more time to defeat the enemy for good.
  8. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Speed Bump Ahead (?): Defeated Rhino in the city.
  9. After the next cutscene, leave the parking structure’s rooftop to begin web-swinging towards the star icon that appears on your map and reach Oscorp’s Archives to enter it through the open ventilation shaft.
  10. Crawl forward through the shaft to move above the guards in the area below and continue following the duct system around to reach the next room and eliminate the enemy ahead by using a Stealth Takedown.
  11. Approach the next open room in front of you and interact with the crate hanging from the crane ahead to drop it on the group of enemies below, then fall to the ground and use combos or signature moves to defeat the surrounding guards.
  12. Continue forward into the next storage area ahead and climb the wall directly across from you to reach the level above, then turn left to perch yourself on the balcony rail and hit the guard on the opposite upper platform with a web-strike.
  13. Drop to the ground below and defeat the surrounding guards in the area, then interact with the next shipping container hanging from the ceiling above to pull it across the room and uncover a hidden ventilation shaft.
  14. Interact with the vent that was just uncovered and crawl forward through the ducts ahead to activate a cut scene in which you ride the elevator to the next floor below, then turn around and enter the ventilation shaft ahead to reach a new room.
  15. Use a stealth takedown to incapacitate the two enemies and enter the room below, then enter the vent above on your right to reach the area on the other side and look directly across from you to the next duct ahead.
  16. Pull yourself over to the vent across from you and crawl forward through the duct system to reach the next room, then take out the guard below to land on the platform.
  17. Defeat the group of guards below and jump through the opening in the nearby wall of crates to reach the next room, then eliminate another gang of enemies by using the various objects in the area as projectile weapons.
  18. Jump over the next wall of crates ahead and target the crate hanging from the crane above, then interact with this container to launch it into the observation booth and break open the window.
  19. Climb up into the observation room and enter the ventilation shaft to your right, then crawl forward through the duct system to reach the next room and activate a cut scene.
  20. Press the indicated buttons to jump over the shield-carrying guard and execute a series of combo attacks to knock him out, then exit the room through the nearby open doorway and follow the next corridor around to encounter a laser-guided security system.
  21. Wait for the ceiling turret around the corner to point all the way to the right, then run out in front of the automated weapon and disable it with your web shooter.
  22. Press the indicated button to vault over the floor lasers and destroy the ceiling turret, then continue moving through the hallway ahead to activate a cut scene.
  23. Follow the on-screen prompts to enter the camera’s P.O.V. and zoom in on the crate marked with an Oscorp label across from you, then take a picture of it and save the photo to put a check on the itinerary.
  24. Wait for Whitney to open the door beside you and move through it to reach the next room ahead, then pull yourself up to stick to the ceiling above and move towards the nearest metal walkway below.
  25. Target the guard patrolling the catwalk beneath you and incapacitate him with a silent take-down, then move forward above a lone enemy standing on the upper level by the door and defeat him as well.
  26. Crawl back along the ceiling towards the door you entered from and watch the group of guards below patrol the area, then wait for one of the enemies to separate himself from the squadron by walking behind an obstacle and defeat him with a silent takedown.
  27. Use silent takedowns to eliminate the guards below one-at-a-time without the other enemies noticing, then exit this area through the door that Whitney opens ahead and follow the corridor around to crawl into the vent above on your left.
  28. Navigate between the steam bursts to crawl up the wall ahead marked with exit symbols and enter the ventilation duct above, then move through the shaft to reach the next room and eliminate the guard in front of you with a stealth takedown.
  29. Pull yourself up to the ceiling and crawl across it until you are above another guard on the room’s upper level, then eliminate him with a stealth takedown and incapacitate any surrounding enemies that spot you by hitting them with web-strikes or run from them by using web-retreats.
  30. After you have cleared the room of all remaining guards, interact with the console located along the outer level of the room to find the second console and interact with this one as well to open the door ahead.
  31. Exit the room through the door you opened to interact with Whitney and use the console beside her to accidentally put the system on lockdown, then enter the corridor to your right and watch the next cut scene.
  32. Continue forward through the hall to incapacitate the guards around the corner ahead, then enter the next room in front of you to activate a cut scene.
  33. Afterwards, target the guards below to pull yourself up to the opening above the room that they’re in and look down towards the fuel tank below on the right.
  34. Interact with the tank to knock down the guards in the room and incapacitate them to rescue Whitney, then turn right to target the enemy on the level above and eliminate him with a web-strike.
  35. Return to the nearby railing and target the next guard closest to you, then incapacitate him with a web-strike combo and drop to the lowest floor in the room.
  36. Move through the room and look up towards the railing above to find the surrounding snipers by their red laser sights, then continue targeting the enemies that appear around the area and eliminate them one-by-one with web-strike combos until a cut scene activates.
  37. Drop to the lowest level in the room and run towards Whitney’s location to activate another cut scene in which you pick her up, then web swing onto one of the upper levels to find the next green-lit open doorway and use it to exit the area.
  38. Move through the open doorway ahead to enter the cargo area and perch on the railing in front of you, then press the indicated buttons to execute a Web-Swing Ascend and navigate yourself towards the opposite side of the room to reach the next ledge.
  39. Make your way through the door the opens ahead to cross the next catwalk and jump over the railing beside you to land on the floor below, then approach the nearby green-lit elevator door to activate a cut scene.
  40. Afterwards, hit the enemy in front of you with a web-strike before he has a chance to open fire with the automatic weapon and continue striking him until a web-retreat is indicated.
  41. Escape from the armed guard’s counter attack and wait until he has finished glowing before you execute another series of web-strikes against him.
  42. Continue the previous line of assault until the armed guard is defeated, then return to the catwalk to pick up Whitney again and enter the open elevator below to activate an extended cut scene.
  43. After returning to the rooftops of Manhattan, target the sniper in distance above and pull yourself over towards to execute a web-strike in mid-air.
  44. Incapacitate the sniper with a combo attack and approach the edge of the rooftop to look down on the next enemy below.
  45. Eliminate the second enemy below with a web-strike combo and begin web-swinging in the direction of the star symbol on your map to reach the laboratory rooftop and enter through the open window to complete this chapter.

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