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CHAPTER 4: The Thrill of the Hunt

  1. Web-swing your way towards the green science beaker symbol on the map to reach Oscorp’s Secret Base and enter through the vent on the building’s rooftop to activate a cut scene, then incapacitate the guard directly below you by using a stealth takedown and return to the ceiling above.
  2. Target the metal beam that bisects the room and pull yourself over to perch upon it, then move along the beam to reach the upper right corner of the area and incapacitate the next guard directly beneath you.
  3. Crawl along the ceiling to locate the next guard below and eliminate him with a stealth takedown, then continue moving across the room and incapacitating the remaining enemies.
  4. To clear the room without being spotted, use web retreats to move between the shadows and wait to incapacitate enemies until after they have become separated from their teammates.
  5. Drop to the floor below and approach the glowing-blue console in one of the inner rooms to interact with it, then find the other two control stations in the area and hack into them as well to acquire the tech upgrade.
  6. Afterwards, web-swing towards the star symbol on your map to reach the Pumping Station by the water and enter it to reach the underground sewer system.
  7. Move forward through the sewer tunnel to reach the open chamber, then interact with the wheel on the wall ahead to open the door across from you and spot the mutant creature.
  8. Turn the previous wheel again, then target the open doorway to pull yourself across the gap and land in the next room ahead before it closes off.
  9. Jump over the slime to your left and make a right down the next tunnel to collect XP in the adjacent corridor, then continue forward into the open chamber ahead and stand on the small circular platform at the center of the room.
  10. Press the indicated button to perch on the webbing and search the surrounding tunnels to find the one marked: “Wastewater System”, then exit through it to encounter the mutant creature again and defeat the next enemy that appears in front of you by building up a combo streak before utilizing a signature move.
  11. Return to the previous open chamber to stand on the center platform again and execute a web-cycle to find the tunnel marked with the number 47, then exit through it and crawl through the next opening above the wall at the end of the corridor.
  12. Crawl forward through the shaft you’re in to encounter the mutant creature again and drop into the next room ahead, then interact with the nearby dumpsters to knock down some of the approaching enemies and begin incapacitating them one-by-one.
  13. Continue moving forward through the room to find the remaining enemies located by the exit tunnel and pull yourself onto the next red pipe in the corner ahead, then drop into the sewer below and enter the adjacent corridor.
  14. Move into the next open chamber ahead and pull yourself up onto the red pipe above, then jump to the nearby ledge and move forward through the tunnel in front of you to navigate around the various puddles of slime.
  15. Return to the center platform to execute a web rotation and find the tunnel marked with a 43, then exit through it to reach the next corridor and jump over the next puddle of slime ahead.
  16. Jump through the opening in the wall to your right and defeat the enemies within the room by throwing a nearby obstacle at them, then continue forward over the next wall ahead to reach another corridor and climb up to the landing above.
  17. Eliminate the surrounding enemies by throwing the nearby fuel tanks and other objects at them in quick succession, then exit this area using the open corridor beside you and jump through the opening in the next wall ahead in the corner.
  18. Move forward through the next tunnel to activate a cut scene in which you get in contact with Whitney Chang, then take a picture of the yellow Oscorp label in the left corner ahead and drop into the room below.
  19. Exit the room through the door ahead to interact with the next wheel on the right and open the door in the distance across from you, then quickly pull yourself over to the red pipe ahead and look forward through the opening in the gate to target the far right corner of the area.
  20. Pull yourself all the way over to the green-lit upper right corner of the chamber and quickly look down to the left, then pull yourself through the open doorway below to exit the area and continue moving forward.
  21. Enter the next vent above the door ahead and crawl forward through the ducts to encounter the mutant creature again, then drop into the room below and throw the nearby dumpsters at the surrounding enemies to defeat them quickly.
  22. Move into the open corridor ahead and crawl along the ceiling to get past the green slime on the floor, then use a stealth takedown on the next two enemies below you and drop back to the ground.
  23. Make your way to the back of the room and turn right to perch upon the red pipe located across the next gap, then move right and pull yourself over to the second red pipe around the corner.
  24. Use a stealth takedown on the enemies directly below you and move forward through the tunnel ahead by walking along the red pipes above, then continue along the sewer corridor to eventually activate a cut scene in which you spot the mutant rat again.
  25. After dodging the incoming barrel and pulling yourself onto the ledge above that was just occupied by the rat creature, move right down the next corridor beside you and drop down through the hole in the pipeline ahead.
  26. Land in the lower tunnel below to exit the sewer and activate a cut scene in which you do battle with the rat creature, then run around this monster in a wide circle and begin pelting him with your web shooters.
  27. Wait for the creature to lunge at you and continue running in a circle to evade this attack, then strike the enemy at close-range and press the indicated buttons to execute multiple dodges.
  28. Stay on the move constantly and use rolling maneuvers or web retreats to evade the constantly-disappearing rat creature’s assault, then continue moving in close to strike and press the indicated buttons to dodge until a cut scene activates.
  29. Press the indicated buttons to disable the drones’ forcefields and stay on the constant move to evade their attacks, then destroy these mechanical enemies by using combo strikes and climb up the nearby sun-ladder against the wall to exit this area.
  30. After returning to Manhattan, chase after the creature ahead on foot so that you can follow the swarms of rats along the streets of New York to locate him.
  31. Continue moving in the same direction as the rats moving through the streets until a cut scene activates in which the mutant creature returns to the sewers, then press the indicated button to enter the Pumping Station.
  32. Move forward to drop down through the opening in the floor after the rat creature ahead and land at the center of the next chamber below, then press the indicated button to execute a web cycle and search for a brick wall marked with gold paint.
  33. Exit the chamber through the hole in the brick wall and pull yourself onto the ceiling above to crawl forward across it, then execute a stealth takedown on the next enemy below and defeat the remaining creatures.
  34. Enter the next tunnel ahead on the right and crawl forward across the ceiling to dispatch with the next group of enemies below, then clear the next puddle of slime down the tunnel in front of you to eliminate a third wave of creatures.
  35. Make your way towards the next opening in the wall above the closed door ahead and perch on top of it to see the tunnel full of green slime below, then web swing across the gap and drop into the next lowest corridor.
  36. Move forward through the lower tunnel to enter the doorway on your right and follow the next corridor around to return to the open chamber, then execute a web cycle and search the room for a square-shaped blue-lit passageway.
  37. After spotting the rat creature around the corner ahead and chasing after him into the next room, defeat the nearby enemies and drop to the next level below.
  38. Sprint towards the nearby puddle of slime and target the subway train across from you to pull it over in your direction, then enter the adjacent room that’s been fenced in and defeat the group of nearby enemies.
  39. Make your way towards the back of the room and crawl through the red shipping container within the wall of debris to the right, then approach the back left corner of the new room ahead to eliminate another group of enemies and exit via the nearby open door located beside a burning barrel.
  40. Follow the next tunnel around the corner to your left and enter the narrow opening in the brick wall at the end, then crawl forward through hole the and avoid the slime as you go to activate the next cut scene.
  41. Afterwards, charge towards to rat creature to begin pummeling him with combo strikes and press the indicated buttons to execute multiple dodges right afterwards.
  42. Stay on the move and execute multiple dodges to avoid taking damage from the rat mutant, then continue striking him with combos in-between each counter-attack to defeat this enemy and complete the chapter.
  43. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Smell You Later (?): Defeated Vermin.

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