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CHAPTER 7: Spidey to the Rescue

  1. Crawl along the ceiling to take out the various groups of guards below by using double silent takedowns, then drop to the lower level to enter the security room and interact with the monitor to activate a cut scene.
  2. After exiting the control station and moving through into the visitor’s center area the corner, make your way forward across the room to activate the elevator locking mechanism.
  3. Move to the opposite side of the room to interact with the computer console ahead and fire your web-shooter at the rightmost automatic turret above, then press the indicated button to destroy it and continue this pattern of attack to eliminate the remaining guns around the area.
  4. Return to the previous console on the floor below and interact with it to deactivate the surrounding forcefields, then enter the rightmost room that is now open and defeat the guards within by tossing vending machines at them.
  5. Move to the back of the room and pull yourself onto the next yellow railing above, then defeat the armed guard patrolling this upper level and destroy the nearby object to partially deactivate the elevator’s locking mechanism.
  6. Make your way back into the main locking mechanism area to interact with the console again and deactivate the surrounding forcefields, then enter the leftmost room beside you and defeat the enemies within.
  7. Eliminate the guard and destroy the object on the next level above you to continue deactivating the elevator’s locking mechanism, then return to the main room and make a left across the area towards the corner ahead.
  8. Enter the room in the corner to defeat the enemies within and climb to the next level above, then defeat the guard and destroy the object to continue unlocking the elevator.
  9. Destroy the fourth object in the fourth room to unlock the elevator and activate a cut scene, then return to the main area and enter that large chamber that has ascended.
  10. Attack two of the objects against the wall to destroy them and execute a web retreat before the room becomes electrified, then drop back to floor and eliminate the remaining consoles.
  11. Exit the room through the opening you just created and drop through the shaft to reach the level below, then make your way around the corner ahead and crawl along the ceiling to incapacitate the next pair of guards.
  12. Continue moving through the hallway by crawling along the ceiling and eliminating the various pairings of guards below until you reach the end of the corridor, then drop back to the floor and turn around to enter the next doorway ahead on your right.
  13. Drop to the next level below you, then interact with nearby objects, use multiple vaulting maneuvers and web strikes to eliminate the shielded guards that file into the room.
  14. Exit the room and move to the opposite side of the area across from you, then perch on the far end of the yellow railing to look down through the opening in the red laser grid and eliminate the guard below with a silent takedown.
  15. Continue perching upon the yellow railing to clear the area by using stealth takedowns each time a guard moves beneath you, then drop into corridor below and destroy the pair of turrets to your left.
  16. Crawl forward along the wall to reach the end of the hallway and eliminate the pair of guards beneath you, then drop to the floor and destroy the nearby object.
  17. Use combo strikes to defeat the wave of guards that approaches and make your way down the corridor to reach the opposite end, then pull yourself up through the opening in the ceiling above and crawl along the ceiling towards the next generator.
  18. Eliminate the guards below and drop to the floor, then destroy the nearby generator to unlock the secured area and turn around to enter the open room that is now directly across from you.
  19. Enter the open doorway to your left and interact with the console in front of you to unlock the containment area, then gum up the two turrets in the next room to destroy them and drop back onto the floor.
  20. Navigate through the opening in the laser grid above and continue web-swinging between the room ahead, while destroying turrets along the way, then use your web-shooters to gum up the next industrial fan ahead and pull yourself through it.
  21. Destroy the turrets in the last room and drop to floor below, then exit the room to reach the next electrified chamber and begin attacking the nearest pair of generators against the wall.
  22. Execute web retreats to escape from danger in between attacking the generators and destroy the turrets that line the walls, then finish off the last generator and approach the scientists behind the glass to activate a cut scene.
  23. Attach yourself to the ceiling and crawl left through the corridor above the laser grids below, then eliminate the guards beneath you and destroy the various turrets that emerge to clear the circular corridor.
  24. Make your way over to the console at the back of the hallway and interact with it to open the scientist holding area, then use web-strikes and combo attacks to defeat the group of spider-bots.
  25. Clear out the remaining robots to activate a cut scene in which you administer the antidote to the scientists, then exit the chamber to reach the large ventilation shaft dripping with water and begin pulling yourself upward to reach the level above.
  26. Exit the chamber through the opening on the uppermost ledge above and continue across the hall into another large ventilation shaft ahead, then pull yourself up to the second highest industrial fan and swing into the next nearby corridor.
  27. Move right through the hall to reach the botany lab, then continue around the next corner ahead to activate a cut scene in which you discover Gwenn and bring her back to the rooftops of Manhattan.
  28. Web-swing through the city towards the star symbol on your map to reach the shipping yard and activate a cut scene in which you face-off against Scorpion again.
  29. Begin striking Scorpion with combo attacks as soon as you can, then use rolling maneuvers to dodge his counter swipes and web-retreats to evade his tail when it begins spewing acid.
  30. Continue hitting the boss consistently until he jumps to perch on the outwear edge of the battle area, then web-swing towards the pile of shipping containers beside you and hide behind them to avoid being hit by the acid projectiles.
  31. When the acid attacks have momentarily ceased, move in close to Scorpions position to hit him with a web-strike and re-engage him on the main platform to continue hitting him with combo assaults.
  32. Press the indicated buttons to perform a multiple dodge maneuver whenever necessary and continue the previous line of attacks to eventually defeat the Scorpion, then web-swing towards the star symbol on your map to reach Connor’s lab and enter the apartment to complete this chapter.
  33. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Pest Control (?): Defeated Scorpion in the city.

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