The Banner Saga Walkthrough

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Chapter 2: Cut With A Keen-Edge Sword

Continue the story from the perspective of Rook and Alette. Use the two archers to take down the starving dredge. Focus on the armor first, and stay as far away from the dredge as possible. Use the arrows to take him down from a distance.

Supplies are too important to waste, and without them people will starve. With the dredge approaching, quickly head into the forest to retrieve your lost supplies. Speak with Iver about the dredge, and allow the kids to assist in battle. Set up your turn order, and place the archers after your melee soldiers.

After the battle, stay and keep watch. Safely shoot an arrow over the dredge to distract it as it tries to sneak up on Alette. Unfortunately, it does not work and Gil is the one to pay for it. Speak with Iver after the incident.

Enter the great hall and speak with the chieftain. Trust all of Iver’s decisions and come up with a plan to save the townspeople. Head into battle to distract the dredges, and bring Alette along with you. Slaughter the small group to continue the plan.

While your plan goes off without a hitch, the escape does not. The chieftain has been killed, and many townspeople have been injured. Continue to travel at a slow pace so the others can catch up, and take control of the caravan. Take any chance at more supplies that you can get during your travels. Take any actions necessary to raise the morale and strength of the caravan.

Locate the small village that will cross paths with your caravan. Use it to rest and stock up on supplies at the market. After leaving, meet up with the group of settlers who want to join your caravan. Side with the villagers and intimidate the brothers to have them surrender. Collect your reward and continue down the road.

After receiving the job of recording the events of the settlement, set up camp and visit Oddleif for a chat. Comfort Odd as much as possible and continue your travels. Make any decisions along the way with trust and kindness. Soon enough, you will reach your destination.

Unfortunately, the gates are closed and danger is imminent. Obtain more information about the closed city from the people nearby. Travel to the gate and start questioning the crowd. It’s no use trying to get in. Instead, head back to the resting house.

Tend to the wounded and come up with a land to confront the next food cart that comes through. Follow the guard into the city to meet Ekkill. Join Ekkill in the fight to take back Frostvellr in hopes to create a safer environment for your people.

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